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Strong Dad

Don and Harriet Chapman are the parents of The Brothers Chaps. Don is a retired chief financial officer of an insurance firm. They help the brothers run the business aspects of the website.

They also seem to have a say, albeit a small one, in what is shown on the site. Marshmallow's Last Stand was temporarily put back on the site after several requests from Don Chapman. (See disclaimer at start of cartoon). They also appear (along with the brothers' Uncle Jim and Aunt Rosy) in the DVD extra Making of Email 100.

Don, a Catholic, Harriet, a Methodist, have instilled good values in their children. "They were raised in a religious family and have stock in good moral values, but that hasn't stopped them from being uproarious," Don said.

The Brothers Chaps sometimes call their dad and mom Strong Dad and The Mother Chaps, respectively.

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