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"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to be part of the team..."
"I somehow survived in this crate for twenty years!"

Dijjery Doo, also spelled Dijjery-doo and Dijjery Do, is a brown "Cheat-like prankster". He is a vaguely mammalian creature with large brown ears and long tusks, which make his speech difficult to understand. His left tooth has a tendency to fall out when he talks (a reference to the same thing happening when Matt Chapman attempted to perform the voice with two markers in his mouth). First seen in the Museum sketchbook, all of his appearances are based on the sketch in the lower right, without stripes.

Dijjery Doo was originally abandoned by The Brothers Chaps in the design phase for being too "Cheat-like" and "walrus-like". He was not seen outside of the sketchbook until he made an appearance in a @StrongBadActual tweet in Mario Paint form. He was brought to life not long after in Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold, in which he is seen not only in Mario Paint, but also in Storybook and modern designs. At the end, it is revealed that he survived in a crate in Homestar Runner's shed for twenty years, though The Cheat prefers to keep him locked up.

In his official debut in Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold, he seems to be Strong Bad's lackey, although an incompetent one, as his attempt to sabotage Strong Sad fails catastrophically head-chunkularly. The Cheat seems to harbor a deep resentment towards Dijjery Doo, since he replaces The Cheat in the story. His name comes from the didgeridoo, a traditional Australian Aboriginal instrument. It seems that he was originally going to be a more reddish-brown color, and was considered to have a low, gruff voice, or a high, Humidibot-like voice before his current one was decided.

[edit] Appearances

Early Dijjery Doo sketches
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