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Bad English these is.

Poor English (more commonly called Engrish) is often deliberately used, particularly in relation to video games, which historically have been poorly translated into English from Japanese while localizing the games for the North American market.

Video game-related appearances

  • Population: Tire — The game's premise contains several instances of poor English, including "YOU ARE SOLDIER!", "YOU ONE ARE OF BRAVE FEW" and "I FEEL ASLEEP!".
  • Thy Dungeonman — If the player beats the game, the game gives a "congraturation".
  • Videro GamesStrong Bad complains about difficult video games that only reward with "a hearty CONGRATURATION!"
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — This game has many instances of "Engrish", such as "My stummy hurts" (pluralized as "Our stummies hurts") which also counts as a portmanteau of "stomach" and "tummy", "Keep try"[ing], and "Flash 7 or Hire" ("hire" is a homonym for "higher"). Its manual contains even more examples.
  • Vector Strong Bad often uses poorly-translated lines like "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" (a splode meaning "explode"). He also pronounces "hello" as "HELLOTE" (seen in the email alternate universe).
  • Sundae Drivin' — As seen in the email redesign, the game includes quotes like "CHERRY GET!" and "YOUR JAMES OVER".
  • Where's an Egg? — The auction for a page of the Russian instructions for this game contains poor English.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — Strong Bad wants his video game to say "GRAPHICS HAVE!" on the cover. An image also shows a picture of the game's box with the words "BOX IN!" on it.
  • Homestar Ruiner — one of Strong Bad's reactions to being hurt in Snakeboxer 5 is "I've been bited" (properly phrased as "bitten").
  • Peasant's Quest — After you kill the kerrek and then look at him, the message on the screen says "He dead."

Other appearances

  • Email unnatural — Once Bubs shrinks back down to normal size he explains that he didn't want them to eat his chicken wings "'Cause they mine, and they good!"
  • Where My Hat Is At?/Where My Hat is At? (toon) — The title of the second book.
  • In Search of the Yello Dello — Homestar says, "I think I has the solution!"
  • Strong Bad's title at Crazy Go Nuts University is "Prinicpal".
  • Email little questions — Strong Bad replies with terrible grammar and fractured sentences to a poorly-written email from a Swede.
  • A Decemberween Pageant — Bubs (As Dr. Christmas) says "Everybody knows me. Mine name Cornbread."
  • Email english paper — Strong Bad spells English as "Englilsh" in the report's title, ridiculing the email sender's spelling of the word.
  • Email kids' book — In the book "Everyone Is Different," the page with the girl wearing glasses reads, "Some people wears glasses."
  • The most-often-used slogan for The Homestarmy is most likely "Do you Has what it takes?"
  • Email the bet — In an Easter Egg, The King of Town advertises for Butter-da saying, "They tell me not to, but I still drinks it!"
  • Email different town — Strong Bad says "I think my imagination's broke".
  • Senorial DayBubs says he can't remember his own "lins".
  • Email isp — Homestar, as an insincere telephone recording, says "Thank you for holding. Your call is very unportant to us."
  • Email redesign — Strong Bad says, "But I does!"
  • Email trading cards — When Strong Bad is describing The Cheat's trading card game, the phrase flashing on the screen is "PLAY GET!"
  • Email coloring — Homestar says "Teach-orr! I have go bafroom!" He also pronounces crayons as "crowns" and library as "liberry" in this email.
  • Email more armies — the words "forefathers" and "identities" are written as "fourfathers" and "identies" respectively in the On Point Kings' pamphlet.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 — When Momkins runs out the door after talking with So and So, Strong Bad says, "She gone!"
  • Email business trip — After Homestar shows the King of Town his two Pork b/w Beans cans, Strong Bad says "What the sense-make?"
  • Email buried — In the Taranchula black metal detector commercial, Schenkel McDoo says "Maybe find some coin!"
  • SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer — Homestar says, "Five episodes? Where do I buy them ats?"
  • Twenty THANXty Six1-up mentions favorite food, spiced bun, and frozen bake. He also says, "What are you think you're doing?".
  • Coach Z's 110% — The announcer mentions there are "a some lot more" videos besides the ones shown, and then in the locker room, he asks Homestar Runner "How you diddat?" after just winning a sports-type game.
  • 2-Part Episode: Part 1 — After Flashfight announces that he will fire Gunhaver, Gunhaver queries, "But then who will have gun?"
  • Email hremail3184 — Strong Bad proclaims "I can't takes it no more", Coach Z says ".. but now I don't has to", and the Lappy asks "does that means?"
  • Compy Catalog — Strong Bad's new computer, the Compé, has an error message that reads "Fragrant Computer Error. Your brand new computer is bloke."
  • Email myths & legends — In Bubs' Concession Stand, the Bear Holding a Shark t-shirts say "My Baby Got Stole... By the Bear Holding A Shark!!"

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