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No emails on the holidays

Decemberween Email Menu was the menu used during the holidays in 2002. It has a candy cane taped to the Compy 386 screen with a string of lights around its border. The holiday version of "Everybody, Everybody" from A Holiday Greeting plays on a loop.

Date: Monday, December 23, 2002

Page Title: Too busy to check e-mails


Easter Eggs

Decemberween Card
  • Click on the middle yellow light to see Bad Graphics Ghost float by dressed with a Santa Claus hat.
  • Click "no" to see snowflakes fall.
  • Click "holidays" to see a card from the Brothers Strong and The Cheat.
  • The candy cane will cycle through 8 patterns when you click on it.
    • White and red (original colors)
    • White and light blue
    • Yellow and red
    • Blue and white
    • Yellow, brown, and blue
    • Green and white
    • Yellow, blue, and red
    • Orange and dark blue

Fun Facts


  • Clicking the "back" button always sends you to Main Page 16.


  • Instead of the music repeating in a movie clip (as in most areas on the site), the whole Flash file loops. This causes a short gap in the music, and it will also cause all the Easter eggs to reset, including the contrast.
  • According to the Decemberween card Easter egg, The Cheat has paws.
  • Everyone in the holiday card is wearing a sweater, including The Cheat.
  • The Bad Graphics Ghost is grey rather his usual green. This is probably because he is on the Compy 386, which has white text, rather than the Tandy 400's green text. Also, the ghost turns a different shade of grey as you change the contrast for the Compy.
    • The Bad Graphics Ghost's hat is not affected by the contrast knob.
  • The shadows/reflections of the lights are not affected by changing the contrast.
  • In the Bad Graphics Ghost Easter egg, not all of the Bad Graphics Ghost wipes off the left side of the computer screen. It vanishes right before the right side of it hits the left side of the computer screen.
  • This is the only Strong Bad Email menu not to include any actual links to the Emails.
Almost orange...


  • The outline of the orange and blue candy cane is not completely colored in. A piece of it is still gray (as is its reflection).

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