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"Oh, he looks so peaceful."

In the Homestar Runner body of work, there are numerous references to the subject of death. These range from a character's death or near-death, to imagining or behaving as though a character has died. As in many cartoons, when a character dies, the death is usually impermanent — the character may reappear alive, often with no explanation.



Bad Graphics Ghost


Cheat Commandos

Frank Bennedetto

  • In the Strong Bad Email army, Frank Bennedetto "dies", after being kicked by Strong Bad. He is later seen alive in Labor Dabor.
    • In the email more armies, a memorial statue for Frank Bennedetto is seen. This may mean either that his death was real, or that his service in the Homestarmy was worthy of commemoration.

Homestar Runner



  • In interview, an Easter egg shows him after being "smote" by Trogdor.
  • In the game TROGDOR!, when you reach the level 50 interlude, Kerrek is burninated by Trogdor.
  • In Peasant's Quest, he is slain by Rather Dashing with his bow and arrow.

The King of Town

  • In Halloween Fairstival, after seeing an X-ray of the King's heart, Strong Bad is content to "let the King die in peace."
  • In cliffhangers, the King is dropped from a cliff, along with Homsar.
  • In Original, Strong Bad suggests that the King has died twelve times, each time replaced with a new actor, at least one of which may have been an onion. It should be noted that Marzipan later confirms that SB "Just made all that stuff up," even though an easter egg shows a graveyard populated solely by Kings of Town I-XII.


  • In the Strong Bad Email origins, Marzipan and Homsar are glued together and "left for dead" at The Stick, even though neither one actually dies. Strong Bad later comments on Marzipan's "considerable resistance to death".
  • In Date Nite, Strong Bad suggests drowning Marzipan and The Cheat.

Multi-Function Dragon


Pom Pom

  • In the Strong Bad Email pom pom, Kevin wonders what would happen to Pom Pom if he was poked with a pin. Strong Bad decides to try this, except that he would also be blindfolded and Pom Pom would be set on fire with the BMW Lighter. He believes that Pom Pom exploded in "a big fiery ball that was visible from space", when in reality he got a "severe pummeling" by Pom Pom. He even wrote Pom Pom's parents a letter of condolence.
  • In Where's The Cheat?, Strong Bad calls Marzipan and pretends to be Homestar Runner, and he tells her that he got mad and killed Pom Pom.
  • Pom Pom's ghost flies out of his grave on Main Page 7.

Rather Dashing

  • Rather Dashing can die in a variety of ways throughout Peasant's Quest. The most noteworthy of these is when he gets burninated by Trogdor at the end of the game.

Señor and Mr. Bland

Strong Bad

  • Strong Bad is in heaven on Main Page 6 and he rises from his grave on Main Page 7.
  • Strong Bad's grave is seen at the end of replacement.
  • In the email time capsule, an emailer asks Strong Bad how he can be "soooo awesome" if he's dead, and requests that he make a time capsule.
  • The Strong Bad Email your funeral consists entirely of Strong Bad imagining what his funeral would be like.
  • An egg in the likeness of Strong Bad's head smashes in Eggs.

Strong Sad

  • In Search of the Yello Dello Commentary — Strong Sad reveals that he himself dreams of his own death (over and over and over...).
  • A Folky Tale — Strong Sad "faints", making Coach Z believe he killed him.
  • Email caffeine — Strong Bad concludes that his "test subject" is dead (which Strong Sad immediately denies).
  • Email impression — In complimenting The Cheat's costume, Coach Z says "It's as if Strong Sad was still alive and with us today!"
  • Email fingers — As Strong Bad imagines what it would be like if he used fake fingers, the viewer can see a dead Strong Sad behind the couch in one scene. Also during this sequence, two Easter eggs show Strong Sad stuffed inside a locker and a soapbox.
  • Email personal favorites — Strong Bad types "I swear on Strong Sad's grave" in the unaired email "Tape Leg 2".
  • PAY PLUS! — A picture on the first screen shows The Cheat serving Strong Bad a platter with Strong Sad's head on it.
  • Email retirement — "Strong Sad's ghost" and "Strong Sad's corpse" are among the entries in Strong Bad's Cloud Shape Spotting Log, as seen in an Easter egg.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — Strong Sad's ornament falls to the ground and breaks into several pieces.
  • Email unnatural — Strong Sad paints a picture with the word "Death" on a bar of soap.

Teen Girl Squad

The Cheat

  • The Cheat has his own song, The Cheat is Not Dead.
  • In the Strong Bad email bedtime story, The Cheat's vitals are tested after being bug-bombed in order to go to sleep. Strong Bad also says "If we're lucky, the Cheat will wake up alive the next morning".
  • In Date Nite, Strong Bad suggests drowning Marzipan and The Cheat.

Videlectrix Mascot

  • At the beginning of Peasant's Quest, when the Videlectrix logo is shown, the mascot runs in with a sword, then trips and impales himself on it.
  • At the beginning of Where's an Egg?, when the Videlectrix logo is shown, the mascot shoots the logo with a gun, but the bullet ricochets back and kills him.

The Yello Dello

  • During the mountain scene in the new version, Pom Pom aims his gun at the Yello Dello, but throws it away when Homestar says he wants to "take her alive."

Strong Bad's Computers

The Paper

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