Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque

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play Kid Speedy TROGDOR!
"This whole system is outta line!"

Roomisodic gaming makes its debut with Strong Bad's secret detective-for-hire action hero: Dangeresque! Point and Click your way to adventure but don't forget the Arrow Keys!Videlectrix

Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque is a Videlectrix adventure game in the style of old LucasArts adventure games. The player must help Dangeresque solve a case without leaving his office.

Cast: Dangeresque, Renaldo, The Chief, Pom Pom, Strong Sad

Date: Monday, December 1, 2008

Page Title: Dangeresque - Roomisode 1: Behind The Dangerdesque


Ways to Lose the Game

All Game Overs have the same "go to jail" ending.

  • Use the door 3 times
  • Talk to the door 3 times
  • Use the coffee with the case file
  • Use Dragon-Man takeout with the case file
  • Miss with the inked UNSOLVED stamp on the case file

Fun Facts


  • When Pom Pom unsticks the take-out food, Japanese letters flash briefly, despite the fact that the food and kung-fu martial arts are Chinese.
    • The characters are katakana, and spell "Kikku", or basically "Kick!"
  • After collecting the photographic evidence, when the camera is used on an item in the room Dangeresque says he won't take another picture because he's "only gots one instant shot left," but when the camera is used on the window he says he's "outta film."
  • The backgrounds, particularly the clouds at the end of the game, are very reminiscent of Day of the Tentacle.
  • Strong Bad does not look as short next to The Chief as he does next to the people in the "Behind The Bad" shorts.
  • The only time you need to manually move Strong Bad is if he's on the opposite of the desk.

Fixed Goofs

  • The Videlectrix main page initially linked to roomisode1.html upon release. This was fixed within a few minutes.
  • Looking at the rug when the glowing ink is visible would previously earn points each time attempted.
  • Looking at or using the take-out before having it dislodged could also be repeated for additional points.
  • Placing the whoozit last would prevent the player from finishing the game.
  • If you inked the stamp, then pounded the desk again, another stamp would appear in the drawer.
  • Placing the inked rubber stamp in the window and then closing the desk drawer used to make the stamp disappear. Reopening the drawer then made it reappear. Attempting to retrieve the stamp replayed the stamp-getting sequence. (The stamp did not reappear on the window sill until re-inked.) This caused two stamps (one inked, one dry) in the inventory at once. These actions also earned points each time they were completed, thus one was able to achieve a score over 170. However, once placed and disappeared, the blinds could not be closed again and Strong Bad was also unable to put anything new on the window sill.


  • The safe-combination note is semi-transparent and in front of Dangeresque, so when walking over the safe-combination note, its color changes to whatever color is behind it.
  • While using the numpad to move, sometimes moving diagonally will make Strong Bad walk backwards.
  • After spinning the chair the first time and uncovering the business card, the card appears briefly a second time as Strong Bad is hopping off the chair. This does not happen in subsequent chair spins.
  • If you use the takeout package with the blinds, but Strong Bad is not near the window at the time, Strong Bad will reach into the air in his current location, and the takeout will magically appear on the windowsill. If you do the same with other inventory items or open/close the blinds when you are not near the window, Strong Bad will walk over to the window before this animation occurs.
  • If you keep repeatedly clicking to use the un-solved stamp on the case file it will cause the animation to glitch and reset and can even cause the file to become marked solved with the stamp mark in the center of the page
  • You can walk Dangeresque into the desk if you walk up into it near the bottom-left corner.

Inside References

  • Upchuck is called "whoozit", which is similar to how crap is called "whatsit".
  • One of the "Game Over" screens in the game says "Seriously though".
  • When Strong Bad gets off the chair the first time, he says "feelin' woozy", like Strong Sad did in caffeine.
  • If Strong Bad stamps the casefile as UN-SOLVED, he remarks "This does not look good for Dangeresque", which is similar to Homestar's line in 50 emails

Real-World References

  • When using the phone, Strong Bad says "We're sending help immediately, Mrs. Fletcher!", a reference to the famous LifeCall commercial.
  • At the start, the Dangeresque logo has sparkles similar to the Lucasarts logo in The Secret Of Monkey Island by Lucasarts and Leisure Suit Larry 2 by Sierra.
  • You can also use the numpad to move, even diagonally, much like the classic Sierra games.
  • The scene with Dangeresque and Renaldo bursting into the room is similar to the intro sequence from Sam & Max Hit The Road.
  • Dangeresque's office bears some resemblance to Sam & Max's office.
  • The background art is reminiscent of the ones in Sierra's VGA adventure games.
  • WASD is the popularized setup for modern first person shooter games.
  • Using WASD/Arrow Keys and the mouse to interact is a hybrid between text-parser and point'n'click adventure games.
  • Dangeresque saying "I need to WASD myself closer" is similar to text-parser adventure games, where you would have to be next to something in order to interact with it.
  • Strong Bad going to jail is a reference to game over sequences in Sierra adventure games, this was previously parodied in the Monkey Island series.

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