Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque

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play Kid Speedy TROGDOR!
"This whole system is outta line!"

Roomisodic gaming makes its debut with Strong Bad's secret detective-for-hire action hero: Dangeresque! Point and Click your way to adventure but don't forget the Arrow Keys!Videlectrix

Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque is a Videlectrix adventure game in the style of old LucasArts adventure games.

Date: Monday, December 1, 2008

Page Title: Dangeresque - Roomisode 1: Behind The Dangerdesque


Fun Facts


  • When Pom-Pom unsticks the take-out food, Japanese letters flash briefly, despite the fact that the food and kung-fu martial arts are Chinese.

Fixed Goofs

  • The Videlectrix main page initially linked to roomisode1.html upon release. This was fixed within a few minutes.
  • Looking at the rug when the glowing ink is visible would previously earn points each time attempted.
  • Looking at or using the take-out before having it dislodged could also be repeated for additional points.


  • Placing the inked rubber stamp in the window and then closing the desk drawer will make the stamp disappear. Reopening the drawer will make it reappear. Attempting to retrieve the stamp will replay the stamp-getting sequence. (The stamp will not reappear on the window sill until re-inked.) This can cause two stamps (one inked, one dry) in the inventory at once. These actions will earn you points each time they're completed. However, once placed and disappeared, the blinds cannot be closed again.
  • Clicking on the switch while below the chair will cause the cursor to turn into a clock and hang.
  • Placing the whosit last will disallow the player to finish the game.

Inside References

  • Talking to certain objects will have Dangeresque ask the object "Do you know the times?", as Homestar Runner asked of the Monstrosity in animal.
  • When Dangeresque talks to the Chinese food container, he sings a line from Trogdor's theme song, but with the container's name in his place.
  • Upchuck is called "whoozit", which is similar to how crap is called "whatsit".

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