Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

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Baddest of the Bands 8-Bit is Enough
This article is about the SBCG4AP episode. For the Strong Bad Email, see dangeresque 3. For other uses, see Dangeresque.
Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective logo
"If I go beyond this point, I could be shot on sight!"

Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective is the fourth episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People game series, released November 17th, 2008. It was written by Mark Darin and The Brothers Chaps.

The long-awaited third episode of the much-beloved and well-acted Dangeresque series is finally released to the world!

Dangeresque will have to solve a number of mysteries - Why is Cutesy Buttons' beloved rainforest being polluted, what are Perducci and Killingyouguy up to, and just who is the nefarious Craig?



Secret Lab
Old Club
Cutsey's House
The Sun

Brainblow City
Agent Blue
Stickanee Tree
Photo Booth
Brainblow City Prison
Helicopter set
Shark Pond


Preview Transcript

{The "On the next episode of SBCG4AP..." screen is shown.}

{Homestar as Dangeresque Too? is in the Field.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {whispers} Okay, now? Okay—

{Strong Bad as Dangeresque peers from behind Bubs' Stand.}

STRONG BAD: {whispers} Shut up! We're rolling!

{The screen flares "STRONG BAD is 'Dangeresque'" in blue text, but then fades into orange text. A slight beat starts.}

{Strong Bad and Homestar are sitting in the Gremlin. The Cheat can just barely be seen running past the car with a tree to simulate movement.}

STRONG BAD: I'm wanted outside Brainblow City for "Undisclothed Violations". If I go beyond this point, I could be shot on sight!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {sounding annoyed} Take the shot!

{The screen flares "HOMESTAR RUNNER is 'Dangeresque, Too?'" in blue text, but then fades to orange, just like the last caption.}

{Homestar is back in the Field.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You got what you had coming to you, {he takes off his Dangeresque, Too? glasses} Toe-fu!

{The screen flares "DANGERESQUE 3: The Criminal Projective" in the same manner as "HOMESTAR RUNNER is 'Dangeresque, Too?'" and "STRONG BAD is 'Dangeresque'", then the text zooms into orange and displays "New episode every month!"}

{Homestar and Strong Bad are on top of Bubs' Stand.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER AND STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} Looks like we're gonna have to jump!

{Homestar and Strong Bad jump off of Bubs' Stand, the screen freezes and fades a little into orange and displays on the Wii version "Play it on Wiiware", and on the PC version, "www.telltalegames.com".}



  1. Dead Informant
  2. Arms and Legs Dealer
  3. Unfunny Sidekick
  4. Doomed Eye Candy
  5. B-List Action Star
  6. 12-Fingered Henchman
  7. Cop on the Edge
  8. Septuple Agent
  9. Vaguely European Villain
  10. Suave Super-Savior
  11. Codename: Awesome!

Fun Facts



  • This is the first episode of SBCG4AP where the House of Strong cannot be navigated, and the first episode not to have a Teen Girl Squad comic.
  • This is also the first SBCG4AP which doesn't feature Homsar.
  • A blooper from this game of Bubs' line "Oh, you know him more than you know that you know that you know... him... or somethin'." was put on the website as Quote of the Week on 11th September 2008, just over two months before the game's release.
  • Strong Bad had said in stunt double that Dangeresque 3 would be in 3D. However, it was depicted as an anaglyph image rather than a computer generated image.


  • If the preview is watched following the end credits of Baddest of the Bands, The Stick appears in the background behind Bubs' stand, still covered in toilet paper. Watching the preview from the main menu, however, does not show The Stick at all.
  • It took Strong Bad over 4 1/2 years to complete this "blockbuster", as dangeresque 3 marked the 114th day of production.
  • In the tutorial for this episode, Strong Bad wears the Dangeresque shades throughout most of it, taking them off at Bubs' Consession Stand.


  • The Lappy 486 has a black outline in this episode, instead of it being colored as in every other appearence.
  • If you look out the window after Cutesy Buttons gets kidnapped, the video of Marzipan watching Credenza in the shark pond will play, except without the animation of Marzipan.
  • In extended play, several scenes involving Renaldo will replay without his being there.
  • The "Renaldo Fun Sheets" is actually a pillowcase.

Wii Version

  • The manual page in the catacombs area is unobtainable in extended play.

Inside References

  • In stunt double, Strong Bad advertised that Dangeresque 3 would be in 3D, although the 3D he mentioned was anaglyphic rather than computer animation.
  • The two pieces of art in Dangeresque's office depict Strong Sad's dragon from dragon, and the "Deutsch Master" painting from portrait.
  • Diet Brown originated in Teen Girl Squad Issue 13.
  • Several references are made to previous SBCG4AP episodes. Notably:
    • Coach Z's stunt double was a potted plant that appeared in the King of Town's castle in Homestar Ruiner.
    • The autopilot in the car was Bubs' security robot in Baddest of the Bands.
    • When Strong Sad acts as Homestar's stunt double, he wears the float head Strong Bad used in Homestar Ruiner.
    • One of Homestar's "demands" was a million dollars in quesos, which was the Strong Badian currency in Strong Badia the Free.
    • Food Related Love, as performed by Pomstar in Baddest of the Bands, is re-used as backing music at Cutesy's House.
    • In extended play, inspecting the skulls in the catacombs will have Strong Bad reveal that they're the same ones Marzipan made for Strong Mad's short-lived Country in Strong Badia the Free.
    • The joystick control for the helicopter set is the pogo stick used for the Race to the End of the Race in Homestar Ruiner.
  • In the opening, a billboard can be seen advertising for The Pizz from pizza joint.
  • When in Strong Borneo, Dangeresque and Renaldo use the Riverquest Safariventure box from theme park. During extended play, Strong Bad will acknowledge this, even going as far as mentioning the email itself.
  • When Perducci is asked to shuffle cards for the first time, a reference is made to his lack of visible arms
  • Strong Bad's line "Oh, so that's how come you don't dance no more" mimcks a line from New Boots.
  • The game's finale features another instance of kicking The Cheat.
  • In extended play, Strong Bad mentions that one of the matte paintings was painted by a guy named Matt.

Real-World References

  • The format of the text in the opening credits is the same as the movie Lethal Weapon.
    • When you point the nunchuck gun at Dangeresque Too, he asks, "Do you want to get crazy? Oh, I'll get crazy!" Mel Gibson's character Martin Riggs says something very similar in Lethal Weapon.
  • In responding to the first email, Dangeresque says that in basic training at Crooked Cop Academy you learn how to make cool noises with your mouth. This is a reference Michael Winslow's Police Academy character Sgt. Larvell "Motor Mouth" Jones.
  • The videotape of the villain brushing The Cheat's hair while his face is hidden references James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
  • Dangeresque misunderstands Perducci's game of rock, paper, Baccarat, as rock, paper, Burt Bacharach.
  • When Perducci plays the Ace of Spades, Dangeresque says it in a similar sounding way to the chorus of the Motorhead song "Ace of Spades".
  • The "time card" in Perducci's game is for Embarrassing Idol, one of the shows being filmed at the TV studio in Sam and Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy. The card itself comes from Sam and Max Episode 204: Chariot of the Dogs.
    • If you use the phone in Dangeresque's office, one of the responses involves Dangeresque getting a call from the Commissioner, asking him to do something "to a rabbit", and Dangeresque telling him "You got the wrong number", another reference to the Sam and Max franchise: the Freelance Police received most of their assignments over the phone from "the Commissioner".
    • One of the backgrounds in the Snap Shak is for Sam & Max's office building and Bosco's Inconvenience Store.
  • Dangeresque shouts "Another boot to the head, and another for Jenny and The Wimp!" as he fights the Bear Holding a Shark, a reference to "Last Will and Temperament", a skit by The Frantics where various heirs in a will get "boots to the head".
  • The term "a Jessica Tandy joint" refers to the British-American actress, Jessica Alice Tandy and director Spike Lee, who uses the credit "A Spike Lee Joint" rather than the typical "A Spike Lee Film."
  • When preparing to go to the sun, Strong Bad uses the phrase "It's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses", a quote from the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers.
  • The "ruby" on powering Dr. Experimento's rocket is a red Ring Pop candy.
  • Strong Bad's line "It's what plants crave!" references the film Idiocracy, in which a drink called Brawndo is promoted with the same slogan.
  • Strong Bad once refers to Homestar as "Mushmouth", the name of a character in Bill Cosby's Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
  • Strong Bad mentions the XFL, a defunct football league run by pro wrestling promoter Vince McMahon.
  • The Purple Nose of Cairo that Sultry Buttons steals in Cairo references the movie The Purple Rose of Cairo.
  • Dangeresque attempts to disable the drill in the sun base by attacking it with the "Four Fingered Exploding Fist of the Lotus Knuckle" maneuver, similar to the "Five Point Exploding Heart Technique" used by The Bride to kill Bill in the movie Kill Bill.
  • When Dadgeresque dies, Dangeresque responds by stringing together the names of a bunch of sappy love songs - specifically Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" and the Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun" - but ends randomly with Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop".
  • When Dangeresque finds the third manual page (in Strongborneo), he remarks that the map of the solar system is "out of date". This is likely a reference to the fact that Pluto, which appears on the map, is no longer classified as a planet.
  • When Dangeresque aims his gun at Uzi Bazooka after Dadgeresque is killed, he rather embellishes on a quote from The Princess Bride.
  • Strong Bad calls the impostor informant "Traitor Joe".
  • Strong Bad saying that the paintings in the office "belong in a museum!" is a reference to the Indiana Jones film series.

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