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Bubs shows his moves!

Dancin' Bubs is a game in which Bubs does a variety of movements with his arms, head, and legs, to four phat beats (plus silence) and four backgrounds (plus plain black). Bubs can also do a few flips, twists, and spins.

Page Title: This guy's got moves!!!




  1. Bobs head forward and back
  2. Moves head left and right in waves
  3. Turns head left and right
  4. Eyes shrink and grow
  5. Moves head left and right, forward and back
  6. Turns head to upper left and upper right
  7. Moves head up and down
  8. Nothing

Left and Right Arms

  1. Raises and drops arm
  2. Slides arm up and down
  3. Holds arm above head and moves up and down
  4. Swings bent arm back and forth
  5. Moves arm out and back in in waves
  6. Keeps arm bent, fans head
  7. Holds arms down, bent at elbow, and pushes out
  8. Nothing


  1. Skips left and right
  2. Bounces up and down on ground
  3. Does jumping jacks
  4. Alternates shaking left and right foot in air
  5. Bounces on ground to left and right
  6. Jumps and does a split
  7. Moves feet quickly as if running, and then suddenly tilts to side
  8. Nothing

Backgrounds and Songs


  1. Dance stage, with The King of Town, Coach Z, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, Marzipan, The Cheat, Unnamed Girl and Homeschool Winner watching.
  2. Bar with beer glasses on floor
  3. On top of cardboard box with stereo and balloons in background spelling out "Prance"
  4. Cemetery standing on grave, with a headstone reading "Your Grave"


  1. Banjo
  2. Techno
  3. Everybody to the Limit
  4. Everybody, Everybody

Fun Facts



  • The controls for the arms refer to the viewer's left and right, not Bubs's.


  • When you choose legs #1 and #4, the legs will be temporarily disconnected from Bubs.
  • When you choose legs #7, Bubs' eyes and mouth will be reversed when he leans to the side. You can see this in the image above.

Inside References

  • Spray painted on the rear wall of the third "breakdancing" background (with the cardboard and jambox) is the word "Prance."

Fast Forward

The banjo music reappears in little questions.

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