Damp Towel Man

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Dan Towelman is nowhere to be found!
"Moist Molecules!"

Damp Towel Man is a superhero played by Coach Z. His job is to collect damp towels from across the galaxy. His "mild-mannered alter ego" is named Dan Towelman. When Coach Z turns into Damp Towel Man, he dons a costume consisting of a mask and a cape, which is actually a towel. In the toon DNA Evidence, he finds a green-stained damp towel on Strong Bad's desk, which he takes to work the next day. When he returns to his janitor cart, he finds it has gone missing. He suspects the culprit was his nemesis, Dry Ragamuffin (who is apparently the superhero version of Bubs), or his mild-manned alter ego, Dreyfus Ragámoofin. In reality, it was Strong Sad.

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