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==As seen in==
*[[Homestar Quiz]]
*[[Homestar Quiz]]
* Email [[CGNU]]
* Email [[CGNU]]

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Crazy Go Nuts University
Motto The future is you... probably.
Established Unknown
School type Private
Chancellor Unknown
Prinicpal Strong Bad
Enrollment Unknown
Campus surroundings Field and Fence
Sports Teams Crazy Go Nuts Dumples
Mascot The Jolly Dumple
Campus Radio Station 89.3 WSBD-The Voice of CGNU

Crazy Go Nuts University is a university created by Strong Bad. To attend CGNU, send in the free art test consisting of drawing a guy with a big knife. A diploma from Crazy Go Nuts University will be pretty impressive on your wall, and all your friends will be pretty impressed. The only known room is a prinicpal's office.

Courses offered

  • Cheesing People Off
  • Indian-Giving
  • Cutting Ones
  • Doing Some Other Things
  • Home Invasion
  • Cracking Wise
  • World Domination
  • Sending Me (Strong Bad) a Dollar
  • Total Spaceship Guy
  • TV / VCR Repair


  • Get your Degree!

The Golf Club Team

The CGNU Golf club team has a game every day at 6pm. So far the only known teams they have played are Pile of Electronics State and Homestar's Knees Tech. Their fight song lyrics are reprinted here.

Fighting, and sometimes striving,
Wondering what the Dumple is.
Excellence, and what is valor?
And the Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club!

C! G! N! . . . U!

"(See-Gee-IN-YOU!) (me?)"


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