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*'''[[Shopping For Danger]]''' — At the front of the store, [[Blue Laser Commander]] says "Oh, crap! I forgot my Price Style Club Card!"
*'''[[Shopping For Danger]]''' — At the front of the store, [[Blue Laser Commander]] says "Oh, crap! I forgot my Price Style Club Card!"
*'''[[Teen Girl Squad Issue 8]]''' — [[Cheerleader]] ends the issue by saying "Everyone died 'cept me!"  A chomping noise is heard, and she then says "Aw, crap!"
*'''[[Teen Girl Squad Issue 8]]''' — [[Cheerleader]] ends the issue by saying "Everyone died 'cept me!"  A chomping noise is heard, and she then says "Aw, crap!"
The dumb-it 5
== What the Crap? ==
== What the Crap? ==

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This article is about the word itself. For the substance The Poopsmith shovels, see Whatsit.

The word "crap" is a prominent part of the Homestar Runner universe. The word itself is often used as a substitute for vulgarity, and it often describes things that Strong Bad and other characters find stupid or offensive. In addition, Strong Bad has become infamous for the phrase "Holy crap!", an exclamation he frequently used early in his evolution, but not so much today.


Holy Crap!

Big Toons

  • The Reddest Radish — After hitting a can that Homestar kicked and sending his stolen radish flying, Strong Bad shouts "Holy crap!" and runs after it. A few seconds later, his after-image also shouts "Holy crap!" and dashes off.
  • A Jumping Jack Contest — When he is discovered cheating in the jumping jack contest, Strong Bad says "Oh! Holy... crap."
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — When Homestar Runner discovers him after escaping from jail, Strong Bad says "Aww, crap! I thought I smelled bacon!"
  • The Luau — After welcoming Strong Mad and The Cheat to his party, Strong Bad says "Oh crap!! I forgot the wood!"

Holiday Toons

Strong Bad Email

  • action figure — While playing with his action figure, Strong Bad says "Hey Homestar, get away from here! Holy crap!"
  • — In the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand, an early version of Strong Bad says "Holy crap" several times, seemingly for no reason.
  • personal favorites — One of Strong Bad's favorite emails is where a viewer asks what his favorite phrase is. An early version of Strong Bad replies, "I like-a to say, holy crap!"
  • impression — In complimenting The Cheat's costume, Coach Z says "Holy crap! It's as if Strong Sad were still alive and with us today!"
  • time capsule — Strong Bad says "Holy gosh! It worked!" when Homestar rings his doorbell. Later in the email, he yells "CRAP!" when his "groupies and royalties" fail to arrive.
  • the bird — While talking to Pom Pom, Strong Bad says "Oh crap, I should probably check my email."


The dumb-it 5

What the Crap?

In addition to "Holy crap!", various forms of "What the crap?" are also popular.

Strong Bad Email

  • gimmicks — Strong Bad mutters "What the... crap?" just before his computer explodes.
  • brianrietta — When he realizes he's responding to Brian, Strong Bad yells "hey... BRIAN!? What the crap?" before telling him things just won't work out between them.
  • army — Strong Bad orders Firebert to "find out what the crap Homestar Runner is up to at The Stick in 0-15 minutes."
  • flashback — In the flashback, Strong Bad says "Who the crap are you, Duckshirt?", addressing Homestar Runner.
  • stupid stuff — When Homestar Runner gets Strong Bad to say something stupid, Strong Bad says "What?! What the crap just happened?!"


Miscellaneous "Crap"

Strong Bad Email

  • current status — While looking for Strong Bad, Zubs says "Well, you better find him quick! This crap ain't funny!"
  • homestar hair — Strong Bad types "delete that crap" to delete a Hairstyle Runner submission. The computer responds with the message "crap deleted."
  • for kids — Strong Bad believes that kids raised on Homsar's show Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man? (calling it "that crap") will be held back, repeat the first grade, and get low standardized test scores.
  • personal favorites — One of the Grape Nuts Robot's lines is "Now spell: Carp for brains".
  • your friends — Strong Bad decides not to hurt The Poopsmith, saying "I figure the guy shovels crap for a living so his tolerance for pain's gotta be through the roof."
  • labor day — Strong Bad tells the Poopsmith he gets "an A+ on smellin' like crap. And a solid F- on smellin' any good."
  • lunch special — Strong Bad says, "Well, looks like ol' Strong Mad has finally hit the Information Superhighway like a flaming sack o' crap."
  • long pants — Strong Bad asks Clanky how he's supposed to get "this crap" (the correction fluid) off of his computer screen.
  • spring cleaning — The fourth email reads: "Dear Strong Bad, are you made of crap? Did you invent the word crap? Where did crap come from? Crapfully crapfully, Chad". Strong Bad responds, "Oh, I'll totally answer this one because apparently the only thing I'm concerned with is the word crap!" He then promptly DELETES the email.
  • cartoon — Strong Bad closes this email with the phrase "Send me a little email and I'll give you a little crap."
  • vacation — Strong Bad imagines a bad email he might receive: "Dear Stong Bad, You are crap. Crap is the best. Everybody loves crap. Crap is in the mix. Crap is to the max. How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzi-pants? Crapfully crap, Monkey D, Seattle, Washington."


  • Main Page 11 — Strong Bad stands in front of a weather map and says "Today's forecast is total crap!"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7.0 — Strong Bad (as Safety Dan) says that "no one at all" will egg the everloving crap out of (Marzipan's) house."
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Strong Bad tells The King of Town that he, Strong Mad and The Cheat are "about to egg the everloving crap out of your castle."
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — Strong Bad calls you a "lazy crap for crap" if you give him a Marshmallow Bunny. If you give him an apple, he says "What is this crap?"
  • Museum — The page title for the Museum is "Check out this old Crap!"
  • Strong Bad Sings — One of Strong Bad's songs is "I Never Said I Wouldn't Try to Beat the Crap Out of You".
  • The Luau — The name tags at Strong Bad's party all read "Hello, my name is Crap for Brains".
  • Homestar Quiz — When you get eight or nine answers correct, Strong Bad says "Oh man, I knew you had crap for brains, but, I mean, it's like the crap in your brains has crap for brains."
  • The Best Decemberween EverBubs says "I got all types of crazy crap!" twice in this cartoon.
  • Shopping For Danger — Upon being told the Cheat Commandos Headquarters playset is under attack, Gunhaver says, "We've been had! This grocery store crap was just a diversion!"

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