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{{about|word itself}} {{for|substance that [[The Poopsmith]] shovels|Whatsit}}
{{about|word itself}} {{for|substance that [[The Poopsmith]] shovels|Whatsit}}
[[Image:Really Old Tandy.PNG|thumb|"I like-a to say, 'Holy crap!'"]]
[[Image:Really Old Tandy.PNG|thumb|"I like-a to say, 'Holy 94% of teens would go into panic if Justin Beiber was on a 9999 foot building about to kill himself. Copy and paste if you are one of the 6% who bought popcorn, a chair, and shouted JUMP!!!!!'"]]
The word '''"crap"''' is a prominent [[Running Gags|running gag]] of the [[Homestar Runner universe]].  The word itself is often used as a substitute for [[Swears|vulgarity]], and it often describes things that [[Strong Bad]] and other [[characters]] find stupid or offensive.  In addition, Strong Bad has become infamous for the phrase "Holy crap!", an exclamation he frequently used [[Strong Bad Evolution|early in his evolution]], but not so much today. In fact, Strong Bad currently voices his displeasure openly whenever he receives an email [[Crapfully Yours|signed with the word "crap"]].  While Strong Bad typically uses "Holy crap!" or "Crap [[For Brains|for brains]]", [[Homestar Runner]], usually in mockery of Strong Bad's tendencies, prefers the term "crapface".   
The word '''"crap"''' is a prominent [[Running Gags|running gag]] of the [[Homestar Runner universe]].  The word itself is often used as a substitute for [[Swears|vulgarity]], and it often describes things that [[Strong Bad]] and other [[characters]] find stupid or offensive.  In addition, Strong Bad has become infamous for the phrase "Holy crap!", an exclamation he frequently used [[Strong Bad Evolution|early in his evolution]], but not so much today. In fact, Strong Bad currently voices his displeasure openly whenever he receives an email [[Crapfully Yours|signed with the word "crap"]].  While Strong Bad typically uses "Holy crap!" or "Crap [[For Brains|for brains]]", [[Homestar Runner]], usually in mockery of Strong Bad's tendencies, prefers the term "crapface".   

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This article is about the word itself. For the substance that The Poopsmith shovels, see Whatsit.
"I like-a to say, 'Holy 94% of teens would go into panic if Justin Beiber was on a 9999 foot building about to kill himself. Copy and paste if you are one of the 6% who bought popcorn, a chair, and shouted JUMP!!!!!'"

The word "crap" is a prominent running gag of the Homestar Runner universe. The word itself is often used as a substitute for vulgarity, and it often describes things that Strong Bad and other characters find stupid or offensive. In addition, Strong Bad has become infamous for the phrase "Holy crap!", an exclamation he frequently used early in his evolution, but not so much today. In fact, Strong Bad currently voices his displeasure openly whenever he receives an email signed with the word "crap". While Strong Bad typically uses "Holy crap!" or "Crap for brains", Homestar Runner, usually in mockery of Strong Bad's tendencies, prefers the term "crapface".


Holy Crap! and Other Exclamations

"O Holy Crap"

Big Toons

  • The Reddest Radish — After hitting a can that Homestar kicked and sending his stolen radish flying, Strong Bad shouts, "Holy crap!" and runs after it. A few seconds later, his after-image also shouts, "Holy crap!" and dashes off.
  • A Jumping Jack Contest — When he is discovered cheating in the jumping jack contest, Strong Bad says, "Oh!...... Holy crap."
  • The Luau — After welcoming Strong Mad and The Cheat to his party, Strong Bad says, "Oh crap!! I forgot the wood!"
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — When Homestar Runner discovers him after escaping from jail, Strong Bad says, "Aww, holy crap! I thought I smelled bacon!"
  • Shopping for Danger — At the checkout line, Blue Laser Commander says, "Oh, crap! I forgot my Price Style Plus Card!"
  • Weclome Back — Strong Bad yells, "Oh, cuh-rap!" when he realizes that he accidentally mashed stop instead of record when preparing to do an email while skydiving.

Holiday Toons

  • A Holiday Greeting — Strong Bad's rendition of "O Holy Night" begins with "O Holy Crap." Homestar Runner later tries to explain that Strong Bad was trying to say "Happy Holidays" but accidentally says, "O Holy Crap."
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar can't decide what to get Strong Bad for Decemberween. While talking to Strong Sad about it, he says, "Well, I know he's kind of a jerk sometimes, and he says 'holy crap' a lot, but..."
  • Halloween Fairstival — When Homestar's Witches' Brew fails to cure The Cheat's hiccups, Strong Bad says, "Oh, crap! He's still got 'em!"
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — At the beginning and ending of the Toon, Homestar yells, "Oh, crap!" multiple times.

Strong Bad Email

  • the bird — While talking to Pom Pom, Strong Bad says, "Oh crap, I should probably check my email."
  • gimmicks — When the Tandy unexpectedly powers down, "What the crap?"
  • current status — In regard to their current situation Zubs tells Coach B "This crap ain't funny!"
  • action figure — While playing with his action figure, Strong Bad says, "Hey Homestar, get away from here! Holy crap!"
  • dragon — When Strong Bad sees Strong Sad with a picture of a dragon, he says to him, "Oh crap, I didn't know you were doing one."
  • personal favorites — One of Strong Bad's favorite emails is a fictional one in which a viewer asks him his favorite phrase. An early version of Strong Bad replies, "I like-a to say, holy crap!"
  • impression — In complimenting The Cheat's costume, Coach Z says "Holy crap! It's as if Strong Sad were still alive and with us today!"
  • couch patch — Strong Bad says, "Oh crap! This thing is worthless!" when his computer refuses to make Homestar's head explode.
  • the bet — Strong Bad yells, "Oh, crap!" when he loses his bet with Homestar.
  • theme park — Homestar says, "Oh, crap! Tasteball already?"
  • time capsule — Strong Bad yells, "CRAP!" when his "groupies and royalties" fail to arrive.
  • — In the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand, an early version of Strong Bad says, "Holy crap" several times, seemingly for no reason.
  • pop-up — The final page of the book has a pop-up Strong Bad saying "Holy crap!"
  • coloring — When Strong Bad breaks his Skin Flesh colored crayon while coloring, he shouts "Aww, crudcrap!"
  • unnatural — Homestar cries out "Oh my crap!" when he sees the giant Bubs and thinks Bubs has turned everyone into ants.
  • more armies — After realizing that he said "missionaries" instead of "mercenaries," Strong Bad says, "Oh, crap, I did it again!"
  • Accent — First, a projector shows Strong Bad in 5 years in a less gravelly voice, saying, "Holy crap, I am so great." Second, Coach Z tries to "fix" Strong Bad's accent, and among the things he has Strong Bad say is "Holy crap!", or in this case, "Holy crop". Coach Z shows Strong Bad a diagram of an ear of corn with a halo in order to help him with this. Lastly, at the end, Strong Bad says in his normal voice, "Something something Larry Larry. Holy crap."
  • business trip — While looking through the itinerary, Strong Bad says, "Oh crap! We've got to seal the deal with the foreign conglomerate in ten minutes!"
  • shapeshifter — When he hears Homestar coming, Strong Bad says, "Oh crap! DWAYNE!" and turns into a scarf to fool him.
  • ratedStrong Sad and Homsar camp out by Strong Bad's Lappy 486 waiting for him to say "holy crap" since he's "way overdue."


  • Who Said What Now? — The Strong Bad says, "Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Crap!"
  • Strong Bad Screensaver - The label on the Strong Beer reads, "Holy crap! This tastes good!"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 4.0The King of Town tries to impersonate Strong Bad by, among other things, saying, "Holy crap! You caught me!"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2 — Homestar Runner makes backwards sounds to undo an earlier message in which he announced he was breaking up with Marzipan. When Pom Pom tells him that doesn't work, he responds, "What do you mean that doesn't work? Oh, crap." and then runs to Marzipan's house to replace the tape.
  • Main Page 6 — Strong Bad shouts, "Holy crap!" as he falls through the clouds.
  • Main Page 7 — Strong Bad rises from the dead, then says, "Holy crap!" as his head falls off and rolls away.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8Cheerleader ends the issue by saying, "Everyone died 'cept me!" A chomping noise is heard, and she then says, "Aw, crap!"
  • Peasant's Quest — In Trogdor's lair, if you type "look trogdor", it says, "Holy crap! Trogdor's way bigger in person than he looks in most tapestries you've seen." Also, before you talk to Trogdor, the game says you think you hear him whimpering, then it says, "Aw crap, that's you."
  • Some Puppet Stuff — Homestar says "Crap" when Mike makes a basketball shot over his head.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — When Stinkoman gets red buttoned again after defeating An Ice Machine, he says, "Crap."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2 — During his first message, Homestar says "Crap" when he realizes that he forgot why he was calling.
  • Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene — The message for the second deleted scene says, "Oh crap. I ruined it again."
  • SBCG4AP Advertisement — The Strong Bad character in the first 3D game demonstrated says "Holy crap."
  • Strong Badia the Free — Upon realizing that he now has his old job back from Strong Bad, The King of Town exclaims "Oh crap".
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective —When Dangeresque sees the "CG Monster", he exclaims "Holy crap!", although Strong Bad, watching the movie, pauses it midway to scold The Cheat, turning the exclamation into "Holy cr- -ap!".
  • Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque — At the beginning, Dangeresque exclaims "Holy crap!" when he realizes he is supposed to solve a case for The Chief. When Dangeresque puts the Chinese food in the case file, he is yelled at by the Chief and remarks "Crap."
  • Hremail 62 — Homestar in the "colonial days" spills some "Sloppy Joseph" on his star and says, "Aw, crap!"

What the Crap?

... asked No-shirt.

In addition to "Holy crap!", various forms of "What the crap?" are also popular.

Strong Bad Email

  • brianrietta — When he realizes he's responding to Brian, Strong Bad yells, "hey... BRIAN!? What the crap?" before telling him things just won't work out between them.
  • gimmicks — Strong Bad mutters, "What the... crap?" just before his computer explodes.
  • army — Strong Bad orders Firebert to "find out what the crap Homestar Runner is up to at The Stick in 0-15 minutes."
  • stupid stuff — When Homestar Runner gets Strong Bad to say something stupid, Strong Bad says, "What?! What the crap just happened?!"
  • flashback — In the flashback, Strong Bad says, "Who the crap are you, Duckshirt?", addressing Homestar Runner.
  • dreamail — When Homestar Runner appears in Strong Bad's dream, he exclaims, "Crap the what?!"
  • coloring — At the end of the email, Strong Bad quietly says, "...the crap is pressed bunson?" in response to Marzipan's description of her crayons.
  • licensed — Strong Bad says no one knows who the crap Biscuitdoughhandsman is.
  • retirement — Strong Sad's act in Strong Bad's amazing feats of wonder is called Stupid's Stupid Crap That I Hate.
  • email thunder — Upon noticing that his 200th email is actually addressed to Homestar, Strong Bad exclaims, "WTC?!"


  • In Search of the Yello Dello Commentary — At the beginning of the Toon, Strong Bad asks Homestar, "What the crap kinda freaked-up sport are you guys playing anyway?" Later, in the mountain scene, he asks "Where the crap are your legs in this scene?".
  • Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True — Both Marzipan and Strong Bad say, "What the crap?" in this unfinished Toon.
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Strong Bad sings, "Hey, who the crap let Strong Sad out?" (Strong Sad had earlier mentioned always getting locked in the bathtub on Decemberween.)
  • The Interview — Strong Bad's first question for Homestar is, "What the crap were you doing out there?", referring to how Homestar walked past the marshmallow stand several times.
  • Where the Crap Are We? — Strong Bad asks the title question in this Easter egg cartoon.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — When Strong Mad starts punching the side of her house, Marzipan says, "What the crap!?"
  • Cheat Commandos...O's — Upon being discovered, Blue Laser Commander shouts, "What the CRAP?"
  • FAQ — One of the questions is "What the crap is 'fhqwhgads' from?"
  • strongbad email.exe Disc Three — In the intro, Strong Bad cries, "What in frig's crap?" in response to Homestar abusing his computer. Later on, if the viewers don't make a selection, he asks Homestar, "What the crap are they doing out there?"
  • strongbad email.exe Disc Four — During the introduction, Strong Bad says, "I don't know what the crap you're saying, Lappy, but I'd follow you anywhere."
  • Happy Hallow-day — Strong Bad says "What's this crap-cake?" after the Goblin shows up without Halloween Night.
  • Peasant's Quest — If you answer the First Keeper's question incorrectly, which results in you turning into Ron Cumberdale, the game displays the message, "You ask who the crap Ron Cumberdale is."
  • Date Nite — While Homestar and Strong Bad each yell at Marzipan and The Cheat, respectively, they suddenly wind up next to each other. Homestar stammers while Strong Bad says, "What the crap?"
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad asks Homestar "What the crap are you doing here in my hallowed halls?"
  • Baddest of the Bands — After getting his Fun Machine repaired and finding that it still malfunctions, Strong Bad exclaims, "What the crippity-crap!?"
  • 8-Bit is Enough — When the roar is heard in the beginning of the game, Strong Bad exclaims "What the crap was that?".
  • Kick-A-Ball — Strong Mad yells "WHAT THE CRAP?!" after not being picked for Strong Bad's team. Also, Strong Bad, thinking Strong Sad was on his team, yells "What the crap?!" when The Umpire says, "You're ooooouuuut! That's the ball game!"

Miscellaneous "Crap"

Strong Bad Email

"Hey Crapface! Why dontcha blow it out your ear. Your buddy, Strong Bad."
  • homestar hair — Strong Bad types "delete that crap" to delete a Hairstyle Runner submission. The computer responds with the message "crap deleted." He also says if people play his game (Strong Libs), they can send him some hilarious crap with it.
  • depressio — Anthony from South Gate asks Strong Bad to tell Strong Sad that he is dumb and a crappy guy.
  • spring cleaning — The fourth email reads: "Dear Strong Bad, are you made of crap? Did you invent the word crap? Where did crap come from? Crapfully crapfully, Chad". Strong Bad responds, "Oh, I'll totally answer this one because apparently the only thing I'm concerned with is the word crap!" He then promptly DELETES the email.
  • cartoon — Strong Bad closes this email with the phrase, "Send me a little email and I'll give you a little crap."
  • vacation — Strong Bad imagines a bad email he might receive: "Dear Stong Bad, You are crap. Crap is the best. Everybody loves crap. Crap is in the mix. Crap is to the max. How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzi-pants? Crapfully crap, Monkey D, Seattle, Washington." He also says that when he was at The Great Mound, all the old ladies were wearing "all their Dainty McDainty crap."
  • your friends — Strong Bad decides not to hurt The Poopsmith, saying, "I figure the guy shovels crap for a living so his tolerance for pain's gotta be through the roof."
  • 50 emails — Homestar responds to one of the emails with, "Hey, crapface. Why dontcha blow it out your ear?"
  • comic — Strong Bad says he should make some "crappy xeroxes of that thing" ("that thing" is Teen Girl Squad Issue 1).
  • current status — While looking for Strong Bad, Zubs says, "Well, you better find him quick! This crap ain't funny!"
  • unused emails — One of the emails in the short stack says the word "crap" a lot in it.
  • personal favorites — One of the Grape Nuts Robot's lines is, "Now spell 'Carp for brains'".
  • labor day — Strong Bad tells the Poopsmith he gets "an A+ on smellin' like crap. And a solid F- on smellin' any good."
  • the bet — Strong Bad says that he "got to eat a crapload of ice cream" at the King of Town's castle.
  • lunch special — Strong Bad says, "Well, looks like ol' Strong Mad has finally hit the Information Superhighway like a flaming sack o' crap."
  • replacement — Strong Bad holds signs of peoples names for making fun of. Homestar calls them all "Crapface".
  • for kids — Strong Bad refers to Homsar's show Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man? as "that crap".
  • long pants — Strong Bad asks "Clanky" how he's supposed to get "this crap" (the correction fluid) off of his computer screen.
  • garage sale — Strong Bad says "The guy who spends all day trying to talk you down from a quarter to twenty-two cents for some worthless piece of crap".
  • bottom 10 — Strong Bad includes, "Umm...not pigeons" in the list because "they eat bread crumbs and they craps on people."
  • record book — Strong Bad describes Coach Z's idea for breaking a record as random crap.
  • Greeting Cards — On the second card, one of the card voice-overs says, "I'm sick! Of wasting my Fridays seeing your crappy band."
  • bedtime story — After the bedtime story, Strong Bad types, "After I get sick of making up crap about The Cheat and Moses Malone, Strong Mad and I belt out his favorite lullaby."
  • death metalBrainkrieg finishes last in "The Battle of the Crappy High School Bands."
  • secret identity — Strong Bad says when he declares himself as The Poopsmith, he types, "Yes it is I who dons the crappy orange gloves."
  • pop-up — When the Tandy 400 appears in the book, Strong Bad says, "It's my crappy old computer asking the same crappy old questions." Also, there is a "crap flap" on the last page of the book, revealing a pile of whatsit.
  • lady fan — Strong Bad believes lady fans like crappy arts and crafts projects.
  • candy product — Strong Bad wants a better shape for his new candy bar than the "standard piece-of-crap shape" of so many real-world candy bars.
  • alternate universe — Strong Bad asks Strong Badman why they're in a crappy apartment instead of a secret underground lair.
  • keep cool — Before explaining the pool rules, Strong Bad says, "All right, ya little sacks of crap." Plus, one of the pool rules says "there is no take a crap in it."
  • theme song — Strong Bad says that his ratings would go higher if he had "one of those crappy cartoon theme songs."
  • retirement — Strong Bad calls his old computers "[his] crappier and crappiest computers".
  • what I want — Strong Bad introduces a category of products on the "Z' Shop Channel" by saying "Our last gift items are all about the false notion that just because you made something yourself, it's not a worthless piece of crap."
  • bike thief — Strong Bad asks Virginia how she knows her crappy bike is even worth stealing.
  • web comics — Strong Bad mentions that putting the word 'web' in front of other words automatically makes them crappier.
  • business trip — Strong Bad says that the reason for going on business trips is to buy last minute peanut brittle and crappy souvenirs from airport gift shops for kids.
  • yes, wrestling — Part of the lyrics for il Cartographer's entrance is "He takin' no crap!".
  • diorama — Molly T. and Strong Bad refer to a "crappy, really stupid diorama."
  • environment — Strong Sad and Marzipan chant, "Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!"
  • licensed — Strong Bad identifies that Bubs's legal store front sells dangerous crap.
  • shapeshifter — Strong Bad says, "Crap like that," after describing the drawbacks of shapeshifting.
  • specially marked — Strong Bad warns that certain cereals are only likely to contain "fitness-related crap", while Homestar wears a Crack Stuntman mask, declaring himself to be "a crappy Stuntman".
  • your edge — Strong Bad says that he and The Cheat "feathered the living crap out of Strong Sad" yesterday.
  • magic trick (easter egg) — Item #1407B is known as "The Devil's Crapper".
  • being mean — Strong Bad is sure Nice Dad's kids could "learn all sorts of crap-kicked-out-of-them lessons from superbly acted dramatizations."
  • email thunder — When Strong Bad finds out that Homestar's been answering his own hremails, he asks "Since the crap when?!".
  • imaginary — Strong Bad chides the sender of the email for using the word "crud" as a substitute for "crap".
  • dictionary — The words in Strong Bad's dictionary include "crap-valanche," "crap for brains," and "carp for brains."

Holiday Toons


  • Museum — The page title for the Museum is, "Check out this old Crap!"
  • Store — The page title for the Store homepage is, "All Types of Crazy Crap".
  • Strong Bad 404 Error Page - Two of the possible reasons for reaching the 404 page are, "Your computer is filled with crap, crap and more crap", and "Homestar is a stupid crap for brains webmaster."
  • In Search of the Yello Dello Commentary — When Homestar starts to describe Coach Z, one of Strong Bad's suggestions is "crap for brains". Then, during the scene where Homestar sits on a rock, Strong Bad narrates: "And so he crapped and crapped ... all over that rock."
  • Strong Bad Talker - One of Strong Bad's words is "crap".
"Today's forecast is total crap!"
  • Main Page 11 — Strong Bad stands in front of a weather map and says, "Today's forecast is total crap!"
  • Homestar Quiz — When you get eight or nine answers correct, Strong Bad says, "Oh man, I knew you had crap for brains, but, I mean, it's like the crap in your brains has crap for brains."
  • Strong Bad Sings — One of Strong Bad's songs is, "I Never Said I Wouldn't Try to Beat the Crap Out of You".
  • The King of Town DVD - In the commentary, Strong Bad calls the Multi-Function Dragon a "piece of crap" twice. He also describes the stench of the Poopsmith: "I would say that he smelled like crap, but that doesn't go far enough. Imagine the worst smell you ever smelled, and pretend that took a crap."
  • The Luau — The name tags at Strong Bad's party all read, "Hello, my name is Crap for Brains".
  • The Interview - Strong Bad tells Homestar to "Cut the crap! Just tell me what your freakin' problem is!"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7.0 — Strong Bad (as Safety Dan) says that "no one at all will egg the everloving crap out of [Marzipan's] house."
  • Hallrunner — When you find a chest and you decide to fight it, the game says, "You beat the crap out of it. Poor Chest". Also, if you find a rabid dog, and you talk to it, you tell it to "quit crapping up my lawn!"
  • Experimental Film — In the Easter egg commentary, Strong Bad says he was cut into "a crappy bit part" in the video.
  • Shopping for Danger — Upon being told the Cheat Commandos Headquarters playset is under attack, Gunhaver says, "We've been had, boys! This grocery store crap was just a diversion!"
  • Peasant's Quest - When you WEAR MASK, Gary runs away, and the game displays the message, "You scared the crap out of Poor Gary!". If you answer The First Keeper's question correctly, the keeper replies, "Ah crap! You're right. Here, take this stupid Trog-Shield!"
  • 3D Menu Screen Tests — On the first menu test, Strong Bad comments on how crappy they are.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 - In the opening cutscene for Level 7.1, Stinkoman says he will "challenge the crap out of whoever red buttoned me".
  • KOT's VOQPCS! — The King of Town comments that the Poopsmith smells "like a Crapsmith."
  • Drive-Thru — Strong Bad refers to a "crappy toy" a few times.
  • Stinkomanual — The Stinkomanual warns you not to expect any "weepy princess crap" in this game.
  • FAQ — One of the questions is "So wait, you guys make a living just by selling this crap?"
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Homestar says "Welcome the crap to Blubb-O's".
  • Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque — When Dangeresque pretends to be The Chief's wife, The Chief yells that he's "NOT FALLIN' FOR THAT CRAP AGAIN!"
  • Behind The Bad Chapter 3: The Last Straw — When Videlectrix sends Strong Bad a gameplay fax, he exclaims, "What is this crap?!".
  • 4 Gregs — When D n' D Greg kicks the mascot, he shouts "OOH! CRAP! DANG! RIBS! OOF!"
  • Sbemailiarized! — As Strong Bad discusses Drive-Thru, he says, "That crap made no sense, right?"
  • 79 Seconds Left — When Strong Bad writes down his new nickname, "The Leg" (pronounced "ledge") on a composition book, he says, "Crap, Homestar was right! This just spells 'leg'!"
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 1 — While reading the headlines of heroic deeds in the Commando Obsoiver, Gunhaver says, "What type of crap is that?"
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 2Subtlefuge calls Crackotage "Crapotage," and Gunhaver says, "Without plastic crap to win, kids will have no recourse but to join criminal groups!"

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