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Craig at the NYU Talk

R. Craig Zobel is a friend of the Chapmans and a shareholder in He currently resides in New York. He and Mike wrote the original Homestar book back in 1996 (which was remade as Strongest Man in the World for Homestar Runner's ten year anniversary). On the lost toon A Jumping Jack Contest, he is billed as a co-creator of Homestar Runner alongside Mike Chapman. He also helped write "Where's The Cheat?" and "Homestarloween Party". Zobel designed the covers for the strongbad_email.exe DVD box set and appeared in a short film in the DVD bonus feature "Puppets on the Road." He also designed the Everybody Everybody Poster, according to Mike Chapman at the NYU Talk.

Craig has provided the voices of Cherry Greg and the Kevin who leaves messages on Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 6.0 and Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2. It was revealed in Issue #21 of Wonkavision magazine that Coach Z was named after Mr. Zobel.

He directed the feature film Great World of Sound (2006), which was produced by Missy Palmer and executive produced by the Brothers Chaps. Craig since then has directed several other independent films, including 2012's Compliance.

Mentioned in the commentary for replacement by Matt, "[Craig's] favorite thing ever on our website is … where Bubs attacks Strong Bad."

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