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"I think my rhymes are truly broke! Broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke! Hoo-hoo, hweh-hweh!"

Crackotage is a member of the Cheat Commandos. He is a jet pilot (he's "that guy that flies that plane") and possibly a master locksmith. His name implies that his main roles are sabotage and infiltration. He saved Gunhaver, Silent Rip, Fightgar, and Firebert from exhaustion when they were in the secret desert by dropping Cheat Commandos...O's from his plane. He has a twin brother, Subtlefuge, who leads a band of mercenaries known as the Topplegangers. Like Fightgar, Crackotage does not wear clothes except for a piece of weaponry on his body, which in this case is the utility belt around his waist. He also wears headphones and dog tags.

He usually speaks in rhyming couplets capped by a distinctive laugh, almost certainly a parody of the G.I. Joe character Roadblock and perhaps also Blaster and Wheelie from the original Transformers cartoon, who also did this. Interestingly, his actual tone of voice sounds very close to Jazz from "Transformers" (as voiced by Scatman Crothers), and a label on Crackotage's toy packaging claims he "listens to jazz". Another "Transformers" reference could be how his airplane resembles Starscream.

It is also interesting to note that Crackotage's rhyming couplets often seemed to be less and less creative with each of his successive appearances. This culminated in Commandos in the Classroom, where he announced "Movie night is my favorite night. I think it is my favorite night!" prompting Silent Rip to ask him if he was "even trying anymore". Some characters even seem to think that his rhymes are annoying, as he is promptly fired by Flashfight in 2 Part Episode: Part 1. When he returns to his job in 2 Part Episode: Part 2, all the other Cheat Commandos seem dismayed.

Crackotage is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.

In The Next Epi-Snowed, Crack Stuntman insisted on providing Crackotage's voice instead of Gunhaver's because he liked "the rhyming guy's" lines better. This was explained in the cartoon by Reynold's financial experiment backfiring and switching the two character's voices.

In 2 Part Episode: Part 1, Crackotage stops even trying to rhyme after being fired from the Cheat Commandos by Flashfight. After coming "back as part of the team" in 2 Part Episode: Part 2, he openly returns to his rhyming habit, suggesting it may be a part of his job.

[edit] Defining Traits

  • Action!!
  • Museum Quality!
  • Master Locksmith, Perhaps!
  • Listens To Jazz!!

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