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*[[Where My Hat Is At? (toon)]]
*[[Where My Hat Is At? (toon)]]
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"It's not even a real cow."

Homestar's cow lamp is usually seen in Homestar Runner's living room. It was broken by The Cheat in caper, but seems to have been repaired by the time radio was released. Homestar then broke it in garage sale by throwing it out of the bag The Cheat used to ransack him. It is located on top of where Homestar's father's M-rated games are hidden, according to slumber party.

According to the caper DVD commentary, The Brothers Chaps had an illustration club and made this lamp when the theme was drawing lamps. According to the garage sale commentary, Matt Chapman desperately wants his own real-life cow lamp. Ryan Sterritt volunteered to make him one for his birthday.

"Thanks for breaking my moose lamp."

In portrait, we learn that Homestar also has at least two moose lamps in a Trailer Home (at least within the realms of Strong Bad's imagination). A Cold One Ice was thrown at one and it broke. Another was later seen in secret identity.


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