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watch Large Bean Clownbread
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Large Bean Clownbread
Barfing plastic fruit from Pier 1 onto an unsuspecting metropolis!

For autumn, Strong Bad draws a grand horn of plenty, and then transforms it into a hideous monster.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, November 9, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 2:09

Page Title: Receding Ploomps, y'all.



{Open with Strong Bad's glove with the opening titles}

STRONG BAD: It's Strong Bad with another Skills of an Artist! This week, it's bountiful harvest time! So naturally, we begin with...

{Strong Bad draws a beanlike figure}

STRONG BAD: A shiny butt. {He adds a rectangular shine. and then a stem and a leaf} No, you guys, it's an apple, or a pear, or a peach or something like that.

{Strong Bad proceeds to draw more round shapes next to the apple}

STRONG BAD: And now this not-shiny butt. It's taking a little bubble bath. Here we go, bub it out. {Strong Bad continues to draw more round shapes down the page} Bub, bub, excessive bub, more bub, bub, bub, bub.

{Strong Bad draws a few more bubbles to the left}

STRONG BAD: Taper that bub down. There we go. {Strong Bad draws a squiggly line on the top and two leaves for a vine} And these are our grapes. Oh, luscious grapes. Look at that. And up here...

{Strong Bad draws a pear-shaped figure behind the apple.}

STRONG BAD: ...uhrm... gourd, I guess. {He draws a stem and many speckles on the gourd} Ob'm know. Can you eat those things? Maybe it's a pear also.

{Fade to show Strong Bad drawing a large enclosing curve around the fruit}

STRONG BAD: Now hideous maw, {he closes the loop on the bottom} as always.

{He adds a parallel curve on top of the first}

STRONG BAD: And, line that out. {He adds a curve next to the grapes} And now, this is gonna get a little advanced, you guys.

{Strong Bad adds smaller and smaller curves to create a cone shape}

STRONG BAD: Through a series of receding ploomps, we finish our Horn of Plenty.

{Strong Bad adds a curve each time he says "ploomp". His voice grows higher and faster as the space inside the curves becomes smaller}

STRONG BAD: Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploooooomp!

{The curve is now complete.}

{Shading suddenly appears inside the horn without Strong Bad drawing it in}

STRONG BAD: Nothing says "the holidays" like a Horn of Plenty. I can almost feel Grandma's yellow plastic-padded toilet seat already.

{Strong Bad's glove fades out, then fades back in}

STRONG BAD: {struggling} Trying... to resist... urge... to make it... horrible! Can't... resist! {shouting} D'aw, okay!

{Strong Bad proceeds to draw two large fangs on the inside of the horn above the fruit}

STRONG BAD: There's giant fangs in here!

{Strong Bad draws a pair of angry eyes on top of the horn}

STRONG BAD: And it's got horrible, horrible eyes! With slits for pupils!

{Strong Bad draws a spike on the end of the horn and spines along the back}

STRONG BAD: And back here it's got a spiky tail and some spikes along its back!

{Strong Bad draws a leg on the backside}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's like a chicken foot! Oh, man, look at that chicken foot!

{Strong Bad draws a hand next to the foot}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's a human hand! Ach, that's horrible! {He adds squiggles to it} It's hairy like a dad's arm!

{Strong Bad adds a sloppy-looking lobster claw in front of the hand}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's a crab claw!

{He draws a second claw on the left side}

STRONG BAD: And another crab claw! I can't stop it! I can't stop it!

{He adds squiggles below the fruit from horn's mouth}

STRONG BAD: And it's barfing all this plastic fruit from Pier 1 onto an unsuspecting metropolis! Oh, I'm so sorry! Oh, this is clearly... Cornucopicron! The Destroyer! Come to devour us all!

Fun Facts

"May he devour all your holiday tablescapes and centerpieces!"



  • This is the first Skills of an Artist to not include some variation of "I make drawing fun!".
  • The Tweet text reads, "Let's put the '' back in 'autumnal' with a new Skills of an Artist! I make drawing TUM(nal)!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Strong Bad makes drawing an autumnal centerpiece easy and destructive. Featuring receding ploomps."

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