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Toon Category: Skills of an Artist
watch Large Bean Clownbread
Toon Category: Video Stuff
Large Bean Clownbread
Barfing plastic fruit from Pier 1 onto an unsuspecting metropolis!

For autumn, Strong Bad draws a grand horn of plenty, and then transforms it into a hideous monster.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, November 9, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 2:09

Page Title: Receding Ploomps, y'all.


[edit] Transcript

{Open with Strong Bad's glove with the opening titles}

STRONG BAD: It's Strong Bad with another Skills of an Artist! This week, it's bountiful harvest time! So naturally, we begin with...

{Strong Bad draws a beanlike figure}

STRONG BAD: A shiny butt. {He adds a rectangular shine. and then a stem and a leaf} No, you guys, it's an apple, or a pear, or a peach or something like that.

{Strong Bad proceeds to draw more round shapes next to the apple}

STRONG BAD: And now this not-shiny butt. It's taking a little bubble bath. Here we go, bub it out. {Strong Bad continues to draw more round shapes down the page} Bub, bub, excessive bub, more bub, bub, bub, bub.

{Strong Bad draws a few more bubbles to the left}

STRONG BAD: Taper that bub down. There we go. {Strong Bad draws a squiggly line on the top and two leaves for a vine} And these are our grapes. Oh, luscious grapes. Look at that. And up here...

{Strong Bad draws a pear-shaped figure behind the apple.}

STRONG BAD: ...uhrm... gourd, I guess. {He draws a stem and many speckles on the gourd} Ob'm know. Can you eat those things? Maybe it's a pear also.

{Fade to show Strong Bad drawing a large enclosing curve around the fruit}

STRONG BAD: Now hideous maw, {he closes the loop on the bottom} as always.

{He adds a parallel curve on top of the first}

STRONG BAD: And, line that out. {He adds a curve next to the grapes} And now, this is gonna get a little advanced, you guys.

{Strong Bad adds smaller and smaller curves to create a cone shape}

STRONG BAD: Through a series of receding ploomps, we finish our Horn of Plenty.

{Strong Bad adds a curve each time he says "ploomp". His voice grows higher and faster as the space inside the curves becomes smaller}

STRONG BAD: Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploomp. {higher, faster} Ploomp, ploooooomp!

{The curve is now complete.}

{Shading suddenly appears inside the horn without Strong Bad drawing it in}

STRONG BAD: Nothing says "the holidays" like a Horn of Plenty. I can almost feel Grandma's yellow plastic-padded toilet seat already.

{Strong Bad's glove fades out, then fades back in}

STRONG BAD: {struggling} Trying... to resist... urge... to make it... horrible! Can't... resist! {shouting} D'aw, okay!

{Strong Bad proceeds to draw two large fangs on the inside of the horn above the fruit}

STRONG BAD: There's giant fangs in here!

{Strong Bad draws a pair of angry eyes on top of the horn}

STRONG BAD: And it's got horrible, horrible eyes! With slits for pupils!

{Strong Bad draws a spike on the end of the horn and spines along the back}

STRONG BAD: And back here it's got a spiky tail and some spikes along its back!

{Strong Bad draws a leg on the backside}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's like a chicken foot! Oh, man, look at that chicken foot!

{Strong Bad draws a hand next to the foot}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's a human hand! Ach, that's horrible! {He adds squiggles to it} It's hairy like a dad's arm!

{Strong Bad adds a sloppy-looking lobster claw in front of the hand}

STRONG BAD: And over here there's a crab claw!

{He draws a second claw on the left side}

STRONG BAD: And another crab claw! I can't stop it! I can't stop it!

{He adds squiggles below the fruit from horn's mouth}

STRONG BAD: And it's barfing all this plastic fruit from Pier 1 onto an unsuspecting metropolis! Oh, I'm so sorry! Oh, this is clearly... Cornucopicron! The Destroyer! Come to devour us all!

[edit] Fun Facts

"May he devour all your holiday tablescapes and centerpieces!"

[edit] Explanations

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first Skills of an Artist to not include some variation of "I make drawing fun!".
  • The Tweet text reads, "Let's put the '' back in 'autumnal' with a new Skills of an Artist! I make drawing TUM(nal)!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Strong Bad makes drawing an autumnal centerpiece easy and destructive. Featuring receding ploomps."

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