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Another contest in Free Country, USA

Contests are a favorite pastime for the people of Free Country, USA. In the earliest works of The Brothers Chaps, contests were almost always a staple plot element. Through these, it was first established that Homestar Runner is a terrific athlete, Strong Bad loves to be the guy that wins all the contests, and The Cheat frequently cheats in contests. The prizes are often trophies, blue ribbons, and food.

[edit] List of contests

Contest Appearance Participants Summary Winner and Reward
Strongest Man in the World Contest Original Book, Strongest Man in the World Mr. Bland, The Robot, Señor, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner Whoever holds the most grapes, wins. Pom Pom (shared the trophy with Homestar Runner in the original book, was reluctant to do so in the remake); The Robot (the previous year); GolBol
War for the Star Marshmallow's Last Stand Homestar Runner/Pom Pom vs. Strong Bad/Strong Mad The Brothers Strong challenge Homestar Runner to tag-team wrestling match. Homestar Runner/Pom Pom; Homestar's Star
A Jumping Jack Contest A Jumping Jack Contest Bubs, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Sad See who can jump jacks for the longest. Homestar Runner (shared the trophy with Strong Bad disguised as Pom Pom); Trophy
Reddest Radish The Reddest Radish Strong Bad, Marzipan Bring the reddest radish. Marzipan; trophy?
Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carve-nival Strong Sad, The King of Town, Strong Mad, Coach Z, The Poopsmith, Homsar, Pom Pom, Marzipan, The Goblin as Strong Bad, Bubs Best carved pumpkin wins. Strong Bad;Blue Ribbons
Golf Club Game mascot Crazy Go Nuts University, Pile of Electronics State The Cheat hits stuff with a golf club. Crazy Go Nuts University; Real Fruit Smoothies
Strong Sad Lookalike Contest impression Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Homsar, The Cheat Best impression of Strong Sad wins. The Cheat (four years running); Medal?
All-Wide Science Fair caffeine Strong Bad, Homestar Runner Best demonstration of science knowledge wins. Unknown
Ten-step Footrace flashback Strong Bad, Homestar Runner Whoever goes the most distance in ten steps, will be the winner (no biting), although loser gets the egg. Homestar Runner; Not an Egg
DANCE CONTEST! replacement Marzipan, Coach Z, Strong Sad, Bubs, Strong Mad, Homsar, Homestar Runner Best dance wins. No one; The Sbemail Checker Title
The Champeenship montage Homestar Runner, Wagon Fulla Pancakes Martial arts match. Wagon Fulla Pancakes
Battle of the Bands Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 Fatty's Big Chance, Kissyboots (known) Best band wins. Unknown
Battle of the Crappy High School Bands death metal Brainkrieg High school band competition. Unknown (though Strong Bad notes that Brainkrieg came in last)
The Million Yard Dash disconnected Strong Bad, Homestar (previously) Homestar isn't participating in the year depicted in the email. Strong Bad
Dig To China With Your Ears alternate universe Strong Bad, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad Dig to China with your ears. Tiny-Handed Strong Bad
The 2nd Annual Homestarloween Awards Halloween Awards Show Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad (finalists) Best Halloween costume wins Strong Bad
Strong Badathlon strong badathlon Numerous characters; Strong Bad, The Poopsmith, Homestar Runner, Cherry Greg, and Pom Pom are known The Cheat Chuck, Greco-Roman Homestar Crud-Out-of-Beating, Remote Put, Clean and Jerk Strong Mad's Underwears Over His Head, and Probably Something with Guitars, Lasers, and Hot GirlsThe Poopsmith (The Cheat Chuck), Homestar Runner (Greco-Roman Homestar Crud-Out-of-Beating), Cherry Greg (Remote Put), Pom Pom (Clean and Jerk Strong Mad's Underwears Over His Head), and Strong Bad (Something to Do With Guitars, Lasers, Robots, and Hot Girls); Medals
Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show pet show Marzipan with Homestar Runner, Strong Bad with The Cheat, The King of Town with As Seen on TV Low Fat Cooking Device, Pom Pom and Trivia Time Best pet wins Marzipan with Homestar Runner; Trophy
Kick-A-Ball Kick-A-Ball The Even Stevens (Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, Pom Pom, and secretly, Strong Sad) and Little Stevie and the Evens (Strong Bad, The Cheat, Bubs, Strong Mad, The Poopsmith, Coach Z, The King of Town, and Marzipan) Same rules as kickball, except with "-a" added. Striking out results in vehement catapultery. Because of Strong Bad's tampering with the rules, double side-mouth whisper drafts are totally legal. The Even Stevens
Triannual Race to the End of the Race Homestar Ruiner Homestar Runner and Pom Pom Best time through the entire race course that also beats the previous record wins. Win is only valid after a tape of the race is sent to judges in Stockholm. Strong Bad (as Homestar Runner); Coach Z in 1999; Trophy
Battle Royale of the Bands Baddest of the Bands Cool Tapes (Marzipan, Strong Mad, and The Cheat), PomStar (Pom Pom and Homestar Runner), Two-O-Duo (Coach Z and Bubs), and DÖI (Strong Bad, The King of Town, and Homsar) Best band wins, as judged by Limozeen. DÖI; A lot of money
Triathlon Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold The All-Stars (The Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Mr. Bland, and later Strong Sad), The Strong Stars (Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Dijjery Doo) Teams compete in three events (running, swimming, and flying) to get "the gold". The All-Stars; the gold
Baby-raising practice parenting Strong Bad and The Cheat, Homestar Runner and Marzipan, Strong Sad and Strong Mad, Coach Z, and The King of Town People pair off into, well, pairs and try to take care of a bag of pudding for as long as they can. Coach Z; Pistachio Pudding

[edit] Contests mentioned but not shown

  • In the email do over, Strong Bad offers Ali and her sister the chance to participate in an egg drop soup eating contest.
  • In the email bottom 10, Strong Bad ranks Dry T-Shirt Contests as number 10 on the list.
  • In the email original, Homestar mentions a yodeling contest, and claims that Original Bubs said that Homestar won the contest.
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