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Preeow 3.0, with Preeow 1.0 downgrade!

The Compé-per, pronounced Com-Paper, is the replacement for New Paper after the Lappy 486 exploded in hremail3184. It resembles a pop-up bubble reading "click to email strongbad" (despite his dislike of his name being spelled this way, as seen in myths and legends) that serves as a built-in paper with the Compé, though does not appear on the Compé itself, and overlays all elements of the cartoon. It comes up from the bottom left corner of the screen, as opposed to the previous papers which came down from the top. It also contains the "back" button which previously was shown on the computer monitor. This "paper" debuted with an "Ah-ha!" noise at the end of independent, much to Strong Bad's delight. Strong Bad then customized Compé-per's pop-up noise to match The Paper's old "Preeeeow" noise, though the sound is significantly distorted.


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