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8-bit Theater

A dark elf explains how evil a monster is, and Trogdor comes to mind. 030520.png

In Twinkin' Out, a confused fan asks Red Mage how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves on (Last letter on the page). Twinkin' Out 21

A guest artist strip contains Thief wearing a Strong Bad mask.

33 Variations on a Theme by Strong Bad (a Teen Girl Squad Comic)

This is an actual fan made Teen Girl Squad comic, done in the same way Strong Bad would have drawn it. [1]

Accidental Centaurs

In a crossover with The Wotch on March 26, 2005, The Wotch's Robin (transformed into a dragon) shouts "BURNINATE!!" as he breathes fire at some winged monkeys. [2]

Aminal Crossing

In the 16th comic, "Were taking this baby to the mooooon!" is a reference to Strong Bad Email personal favorites.

Also, in Episode 22, the main character gets MONKEY SLAM'D!! an unmistakable TGS reference.


In #23 a fake credits scene appears and it reads "Produced by A. Chimendez". This is a reference to A. Chimendez, the fake writer of the Cheat Commandos cartoons.

Breakpoint City

Homestar Runner is waiting in line in the July 20, 2002 strip.

Trogdor also appears on a sign "Live with Regis and Trogdor" in a later strip. [3]

Bruno the Bandit

In the third panel of this comic, one character mentions Strongbadia.

Captain SNES

In the comic for March 21st, 2004, Mother Brain asks King Hippo how he can type with boxing gloves on his hands.

Clearwater Clan

The comic for June 24th, 2005 shows the cast drawn as stick figures. One of them comes out looking like Trogdor.


In the fourth and final volume of the Tokyopop manga adaptation of the third season of the Digimon animated series, Rapidmon utters What's Her Face's classic line: "My blood hurts."

Dominic Deegan

In the September 23,2002 comic, Strong Bad makes a cameo appearance as one of Dominic's customers in the last panel.

Final Stupidity

In the fourth comic, "Obligatory Pop Culture Reference," Dangeresque too makes a small cameo on the last panel.
The fifth comic's title, "Burninated", is an obvious reference to Trogdor.
The seventh comic's title, "Got Witch's Brew?" is a reference to Homestar's obsession with witch's brew.


The seventh panel in comic #15692 is taken from Parsnips A-Plenty.

Technochocolate is mentioned in the fifth panel of comic #00297.


In the December 2003 issue of DC Comic's Hawkman (page 16 of issue 20, volume 4), an abusive spouse is seen wearing a black T-shirt featuring Strong Bad's face and gloves, and the text "FHGWHGAS." Unfortunately you'll have to pick up an old issue of the comic to see it. [4]


This strip is not available online, but if you purchase the book, and turn to page 19, you can see a Homestar Runner mainpage on the computer. Official website

Natch Evil

In Comic#109God mentions getting an email about how he types with boxing gloves on. The Extra menu is rather reminiscent of the main pages, and it even says apologies to Homestar at the bottom.

The Neopian Times

In three comics made by _lordofthefrogs_, the owner himself wears a duckie shirt (Comic #1), Homestar's star shirt (Comic #2), and in the 3rd comic a salesperson wears the same skirt as Marzipan (Comic #3).

Phil Likes Tacos

Homsar is among one of the characters to make a cameo in this strip.

Pokemon X

In the April fool's special, the characters are 'FOOLED!' by the Arrow'd Guy.

Purple Pussy

(WARNING: extremely rude and contains explicit language) In the Oct. 12, 2002 comic, Purple Pussy is seen wearing a Homestar mask and shirt.

Questionable Content

In comic #265, while Faye and Marten are discussing what will be the next indie rock band to break up, Faye mentions that the head of Win Butler (from The Arcade Fire) will explode during a live performance, forcing them to replace him with a Homestar Runner puppet.

In comic #317, Steve is wearing an Eh! Steve T-shirt.

In comic #333, Raven wants to be left alone to close the coffee shop. She exclaims, "I can do it! I can totally do it nine times!" This is a reference to The Cheat's crazy cartoon in crazy cartoon, where it is said by Strong Bad.

Random Codes

The first two lines of the 16th comic are "So from then on, it was all pork and beans." and "That's not very healthy..." which are close to the two lines of dialogue said by Homestar and Marzipan in helium.

Road Waffles

In the July 23, 2003 comic, when Moses is altering how he percieves the afterlife, one of his visualisations bears a resemblance to Strong Bad standing in Strongbadia, saying 'Pop culture reference!'.


A recent update of this puzzling pixelart webcomic has an appearance of a pixelart Strong Bad and The Cheat. He's looking at a computer, but it doesn't appear to be any of the ones he's owned. [5]

Roy the Duck


In the July 2005 issue of this Marvel Comics publication, as the title characters head off on a mission to rescue the captive mother of their newest accquaintance, Victor, Victor himself remarks that he is "not sure why he should entrust his mom's life to the freakin' Teen Girl Squad!" Chase, the only male member of the Runaways team, corrects him with: "That's Teen Girl Squad plus one, amigo!"

Scary Go Round

In the comic posted on August 18th, 2005, Shelley tells Gibby to tell her father about the "terrible a-splosions", an obvious reference to Vector Strong Bad.

Sluggy Freelance

The weekly filler Meanwhile in the Dimension of Pain shows the demons deathmatching. When Horribus uses the Unholy Hand grenade and the demons are all incinerated, the panel reads "And all was laid to burnination." link


The Top Ten spin-off comic SMAX puts Jaafs Macksun and his partner Toybox in a world of fantasy. A wanted poster for Trogdor is on a pole and the silhouette of Homestar and Pom Pom are seen in town.

Sore Thumbs

In this comic, a drugged director quotes Strong Bad's "H*R and Marzipan Dating Simulation XR" from Strong Bad Email date.

Teen Titans Go!

In the issue of this DC Comics comic entitled "Finding Nero," there is a carnival game with Strong Sad plushies as prizes.

Theater Hopper

Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper had himself in his comics on June 23, with a Homestar shirt.

Under Power

In the May 19, 2004 comic, Strong Bad and the Cheat are the DJs in panel 2.

Universal Voyage

In comic #2 there are sprites of Strong Bad and Trogdor as a team called "Burninators!" [6]

VG Cats

The "New to the site" page starts "Welcome aboard the USS, this is a website!", both mimicking and linking to First Time Here?

In Comic 100, at the end, click on 100 Comics to see a little cutscene with the Compy 386.

In the 6th panel of Comic 135, a The Cheat Talking Plush Doll is visible with the rest of the merchandise behind the glass.

At the top of the new layout, there is a rotating image, featuring several different quotes. A few of them are [How do you type with boxing gloves on?], [We are the band LIMOZEEN!] and [Let's get ready to look SO GOOD!]

Walking Is Still Honest

In strip #69, the power is out, and there is a picture of Strong Bad's head with the words "Power Failured!" above it.

In strip #94, the trebuchet is nicknamed 'Trebdor, the Flinginator'.

Witch's Brew

The origin of the Witch's Brew name came from Homestar's famous Halloween witch's brew line. (Alas, however, the phrase is not spelled correctly in the comic.) Also, in the first comic, Homestar appears on the last panel, and the third comic uses the CHILDREN! panel from Teen Girl Squad. The sixth comic tells us to not fake the funk on a nasty dunk, one of Homsar's quotes from interview.

The Wotch

In the June 24, 2003 comic, Lilly and Jennie are playing with Homestar Runner action figures. In particular they are acting out a scene from Teen Girl Squad Issue 3. 062403.html

Zelda comic

  • In Comic 136, Bub says "Ow! my stomach lining!!!"
  • On comic 162, the characters are swamped by Cuccos with the caption "CUCCO'D!"
  • Comic 164 is actually called "Yet Another Subtle Homestar Reference." The reference is "shut it up, you."
  • Comic 170 is entitled "I'm So Glad the Bub is Not Dead."
  • In Comic 193, the Miscreant decapitates Edgar with the caption "DECAPITAT'D!"
  • On the 200th comic, they used the "Its almost over!" screen from Teen Girl Squad.
  • Comic 212 is entitled "Yeah, Shut Up, Kid."
  • On comic Comic 217, Link says "Rock, rock on!"
  • On comic Comic 220, Link says,"That sounds re-zon-able".
  • On comic 225, Link asks what would happen if Bub fights Lloyd. Bub answers saying "his head a splode?"
  • On comic 227, Lloyd dodges an attack with the caption "Matrix'd!"
  • Also in the bonus section, there is a thing called "Flame War 04." The first comic is a reference to the Strong Bad email dragon, and the state (California) with the underwear is a reference to Strong Bad email weird dream.
  • The Homestar Runner Wiki was mentioned 4-25-05 with the following quote:
Just wanna give a shoutout to Homestar Runner Wiki for citing all the Homestar 
references ever made in Zelda Comic, 
Witch's Brew and Aminal Crossing. Well, most of them. *wink*
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