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Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance

When making artificially flavored food and drinks, they are usually named after a real fruit they are supposed to simulate. In Free Country USA some of these items seem to be named after their primary color, and therefore the flavor is the color.


  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Homestar Runner buys two red drinks, a blue drink and an orange drink from Bubs.
  • Malloween CommercialMarshie advertise Fluffy Puff Malloween, orange and black flavored marshmallows.
  • Happy Hallow-day — Homestar tries to lure Halloween Night out of hiding with some orange and black flavored loose-tooth remover candies.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13What's Her Face tries to drink Diet Brown.
  • DNA Evidence — Bubs sells Red, Purple, and Blue flavored snow cones (along with Green Apple).
  • Email winter pool — Homestar Runner was paid with a lifetime supply of Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance.
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