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"All Is On! Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it."
"The Geddup Noooiiiise. The Geddup Noise."

Club Technochocolate is a dance club where various residents of Free Country, USA hang out from time to time. The club has matte grey walls, a lighted floor, and various spotlights, and dance music is usually played there. In nightlife, Club Technochocolate was also revealed to have a bar. Strong Bad first visited this club in the email extra plug to show off his 'Lectric Boots. The boots ended up blowing the circuit breaker, forcing him and The Cheat to move on to the next club.

The name of the club comes from the email monument: While talking about his big plans to build a monument to himself, he mangles the name of the Aztec capital city, Tenochtitlan, calling it "Technochocolateland". (Strong Bad may also have been referring to the Aztecs' advanced civilization, and that chocolate was introduced to Western civilizations through the Aztecs.)

The first song known to have been played at Club Technochocolate is "All Is On". Since then, The Cheat has stepped up from just DJing at Bubs' on Friday nights, to spinning his new jams at the club as "DJ Teh Cheat", with the help of his DJ equipment. Here, he debuted his indie-tronic remix, "The Geddup Noise". An unknown song was played in nightlife, also DJed by The Cheat. Outside of the club, he also created a remix of The King of Town's new jam.


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