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Spinning me in circles


Detailed Information

Album: Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits
Track: 6
Time: 2 minutes 14 seconds
Artist(s): The Kinda Long-Haired Band
Style: White Blues
Origin: Extended version of the song from Strong Bad Email #49 theme party


Ok, here it comes. Stop it!

She's spinnin' me around in circles... again
Oh that skinny blonde girl
Somethin' about the ages ({whispered} Stop it, stop it.)
I failed college algebra, again
Whoa that skinny blonde girl

{guitar, harmonica solo}

Why don't you stop it?
Cut it out, I'm soloing.
What? I hate you
Dude, I'm trying to tear it up!

She took me to different places!
Like the university bookstore! ({whispered} I'm gonna ask you to leave.)
And the financial aid office!
I had to borrow her parking pass!
Workin' on the night staff!
At the computer lab! ({whispering} Wrong song!)
I totally found out her screen name!
Oh that skinny blonde girl!
And the circles and the ages and the ages!

{whispering} Dude, I told you not to bring that thing here.
{spoken} Beautiful!

GUITARIST: {laughing} Where am I? Is this song really in G?

Fun Facts


  • The song really is in G.
  • The whispered words are probably spoken to the harmonica player.
  • The song sounds remotely like the campfire song "The Circle Game".

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