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Cheer on Cheerleader
Teeny Tiny Cheerleader

Cheerleader is the leader (and most popular) of the Teen Girl Squad. Her real name is either Virginia, Joy, or Jennifer. All she thinks about is fashion and boys. She tried to ask the Quarterback out in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4, but got CEREBELLUM'D. Teen Girl Squad Issue 5, when she yelled at the boys about thinking she was the same age as So and So, she got SAILING MISHAP'D! She was the sole survivor of the first issue. She was nearly the sole survivor of Teen Girl Squad Issue 8, but was apparently eaten "off camera" by the shark at the end of the toon. Her real name is either Virginia, Joy, or Jennifer. She seems to like text shirts.

Ironically, her pre-K counterpart in "Teeny Tiny Girl Squad" was the foodaholic "Fattycakes" because she eats lots and lots of chocolate bars. Her very own was "dipped in salt" (read: dropped in the sandbox).

She apparently has a crush on Eh! Steve, as referenced in PAY PLUS!.


Text on Shirts

Defining Traits

  • Is a cheerleader (obviously), and has the spirit of one
  • Has had a growth spurt
  • Is boy-crazy
  • Has cool, rich parents
  • Wears a two-piece
  • Wants a pony
  • Listens to the top 40 hits
  • Was fat as a toddler

Hurt By


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