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Cheap? Maybe. Free? No.

Cheap as Free is the preferred brand in Free Country, USA. Their products range from toys to music, though none of them are free. Most sell for $11.01.


[edit] Cheap As Free products

[edit] Food

branded as Cheap as Free Foodstuffs

[edit] Publishing

Various Cheap as Free publishing logos.

Branded either as Cheap as Free, or Cheap as Free Comics

[edit] Record Producing

branded as Cheap as Free Records

[edit] Toys

Branded as Cheap As Free Toys

[edit] Misc.

[edit] Real Products

These real products by Harmless Junk, Inc. proudly carry the "Cheap as Free" logo.

In addition, Cheap as Free Music (BMI) is the credited publisher of various songs written by The Brothers Chaps.

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