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Lush Vegetation

Charlemagne is Strong Sad's deceased plant. He resides in the Kitchen of the Brothers Strong. Strong Bad claims in Homestar Ruiner that "it used to be healthy, but after Strong Sad started talking to it, it decided to kill itself!" Strong Sad claims this isn't true, but Strong Bad states "That's not what the note said!" In Strong Badia the Free, Strong Bad says "If only we'd read his journal, we might have seen the signs".

Charlemagne's relation to Credenza is unknown, though he may be a reference to Hubert, the dead plant seen in Sam and Max, another episodic game series that Telltale Games had worked on prior to Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. Like Charlemagne, Hubert was also treated as a living (well, formerly living) character. Charlemagne's name, which means Charles the Great, comes from the eighth century king of the Franks, and is most likely an homage to Chuck the Plant, a recurring feature and seeming mascot of the LucasArts series of point-and-click adventure games, which members of Telltale Games, makers of SBCG4AP, previously worked on.

Charlemagne's gender is not stated until Strong Badia the Free, in which Strong Bad confirms that he is male (or was, before his passing), although Strong Bad later questions this in 8-Bit is Enough. If the BMW Lighter is used on Charlemagne in this episode, Strong Bad says that the plant can't be cremated, as he is apparently a registered organ donor.

In 8-Bit is Enough, Strong Sad tells Trogdor that Charlemagne is a defenseless peasant baby and throws him out of the window. Trogdor chases after him, and then Strong Sad locks the door. He claims that Charlemagne would have wanted to go out nobly saving the House of the Brothers Strong.

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