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Pick a tape, any tape

Character Videos is the current bio page for the main characters on the website. The menu features a nice stack of VHS tapes and The VCR. Each character introduces himself or herself except The Poopsmith and Pom Pom, wherein Homestar himself makes the introduction. Cheatspeak has been thoughtfully subtitled for the viewers.

Page Title: Characters


The Videos

Left Column

Right Column

Easter Egg

  • To see Homsar's character video, click "Eject" on the VCR.

Fun Facts

  • The flash file shows hidden descriptive text. These are the various VHS tapes from the Easter egg in the email "12:00." The text reads as follows
Yo! MTV Raps
Hagler vs. Hearns 
YCDTOTV (season 2)
Moscow Peace Festival
car commercials
The Commish 
space shows
M*A*SH* final episode
Joy of Painting
Strong Mads b-ball game 
Slam Dunk Contest(Spud Webb)
  • Based on the visible wallpaper, the VCR and the video tapes are in Strong Mad's Room.

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