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"A Wagon Fulla Pamcakes? In the Champeenship?"

The Champeenship is a karate/judo-type tournament held in the gymnasium. The previous champeen is presumed to have been Homestar Runner, as evidenced by his #1 shirt. However, after its training by Strong Bad, the Wagon Fulla Pancakes was able to best Homestar by hitting him on the foot with its handle, somehow defeating Homestar and scoring its seventh point. Coach Z, acting as referee, declared the wagon's win as the crowd cheered. After losing, Homestar sold his shirt for "$3(US)", which was apparently a good deal, as stated in the "end-credits-photo montage".

The Wagon Fulla Pancakes' training was reminiscent of the training sequence from Rocky, which included running up steps, while the Champeenship itself mirrors the contest in The Karate Kid.

Champeen was also the name of a rejected character.

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