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Unnecessary pluralization

I think that unnecessary pluralizations are frequent enough to be counted as a running gag. e.g., "Feed the Childrens". I can't think of any other specific intances, but I'm prooty sure it's real. ~~~~Four Squiggles 02:00, 12 June 2006 (UTC)

Me too. I've notices a ton of these around the site. Some other sightings I've found.
  • Be's
  • kid's book: "Some people wears glasses. Beth looks like a dude."
  • Senorial Day: "Hey there, every peoples!"
  • for kids, The KOT's Good Gravy Easter egg: "I don't lets the Poopsmith near it!"
  • car: "Anyways, on to my cool words that I had to say."

Article about words with "oi" added in them.

Lately, I noticed that Strong Bad says certain words like a cartoon rodent if you follow me. Like "insoirance" (DVD version of English Paper), "obsoive" (The Facts), "loin" (Radio), and "woik" (Record Book). Not to mention the podcast description for TGS issue 5 (foist). Could the use of "oi" in several words be considered a running gag? 'Cuz I can't seem to start another article by my self.

Isn't that all based on a New York-type accent, or something? --DorianGray

-A Brooklyn accent, eh? Maybe the new article could be titled "Words Pronounced in a Brooklyn Accent." I'm sure somebody can think of a shorter, better title. By the way, "noice" is also said in Long Pants.

AbdiViklas is very smart, why not ask him what would be the correct term for such speech? Darth Katana X (discussionitem_icon.gif user.gif mail_icon.gif)

Did I miss something?

Why was the page Put your weight on it deleted? It looked like a good page to me. --Trogga 15:37, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

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