Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show

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The trophy and the logo for the contest

The Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show is a pet contest hosted by The Announcer in the Strong Bad Email pet show. The contest consisted of perhaps several contestants (only four were seen) and their owners.


Contestant PictureContestantDescriptionScore
Pom Pom and Trivia Time Pom Pom enters Trivia Time into the contest, despite the fact that it is only a cookie jar shaped like a dog and not an actual pet. Was sabotaged by The Cheat. 3.5; Good GPA, terrible pet show score.
The King of Town and an "As Seen On TV Low-Fat Cooking Device" Also not a real pet, the King of Town's cooking device closely resembles the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. The power cord has been gnawed by The Cheat. NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!
Marzipan and Homestar Runner (Homestar as Fluffle's Buffles Scruffle's Truffles Homestar Runner) This is just Homestar Runner on a leash held by Marzipan. The winner of the contest. 8.5
Strong Bad and The Cheat (The Cheat as Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat) Strong Bad and Strong Mad rub glazed doughnuts on him and ask him Beauty Pageant questions while Strong Sad styles his hair to get him ready for the pet show. He has much bigger eyes than usual and a blue collar. He is also the only real pet in the pet show. DISQUALIFIED!! for flagrant use of "Relish Foot".
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