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Ah, the melodious tunes of a cheap, affordable synthesizer

From a Club Aquatica Interview:

DAN: The Cheat's playing a Casio in the Puppet thing. Is that what you play?
MATT CHAPMAN: Yeah, that's where all of those cheesy tunes on the site come from. We have a stack of five old Casios and almost all the music on the site comes from those.

Casio keyboards, particularly of the Casiotone line, are used to make most of the music for the Homestar Runner cartoons. They also make appearances in some of the toons.


[edit] Models Used

The Cheat's phat Casio staxx!

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[edit] MT-65

The majority of the site's music is performed on the Casio MT-65.

[edit] SK-1

The Casio SK-1 was used to craft some of's earliest tunes.

[edit] Songs made with SK-1

[edit] MT-100

Demo tracks and riffs of the Casio MT-100 have been used occasionally.

[edit] VL-Tone

The Casio VL-1 is used for Casio Head Strong Bad's head, including his puppet variation, and its music can be heard when the character expresses emotions.

[edit] Appearances

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