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This article is about vehicles in general. For the Strong Bad Email, see car.
Two Cars TN

Although Free Country, USA doesn't appear to have sufficient roads nor any of the necessary infrastructure to support cars, various characters have talked about driving and purchasing cars. A few actual cars have also been spotted, although they generally appear to be non-functional.



Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars!

Hybrid cars are a recurring theme in the Homestar Runner body of work, usually appearing in relation to Marzipan.


  • Email secret identity — Marzipan reads an issue of Scarfgirl magazine, which mentions "Hybrid Cars" on its cover.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2 — In a prank call, Strong Bad tells Marzipan that her subscription to "Soy... Bread... Tofu... Hybrid... Cars... Magazine" is about to erupt.
  • Kid Speedy — When you beat the game as Homestar Runner, Marzipan says "NOW WE HAVE ENOUGH FOR A HYBRID CAR, OR MAYBE...", but it shows Homestar and Marzipan in the hybrid car before Marzipan can finish her sentence.
  • Email environment — Strong Bad tries to drop a "65 mile-per-gallon hybrid piano" on Strong Sad and Marzipan.

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