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This paper has no official name. "CGI Paper" is a simple description.

The CGI Paper is the current replacement for Compé-per after the Compé was compressed into the Lappier. It resembles The Paper, but in 3D, making it far thicker and blockier. It directs viewers to @StrongBadActual, rather than Strong Bad's email address of as prior incarnations of The Paper did. It is not clickable, unlike past papers. This paper is accompanied by a "C-G-eeow!" onomatopoeia, narrated by Strong Bad; a reference to The Paper's preeeeow. It reads:

> tweet here to email strong bad

It is unknown if it is a physical object present within the Homestar Runner universe, as it has not yet physically appeared. Because of this, no characters have been shown to react to it, aside from Strong Bad's narration. Even then, it is uncertain whether he actually narrates it every time, or if it is simply the sound the paper makes. It is also unknown if it is sentient, as most of Strong Bad's other papers have been, or if it can print anything besides the usual text.

[edit] Appearances

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