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"Pom Pom! Santa! You gotta help me!"

Homestar swallows a bug and fears the end of the good times while Strong Bad is taped to the TV and Strong Sad searches for "the blue ones".

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, The King of Town, Pom Pom, Bubs, The Bug

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong, The Field, Bubs' Concession Stand

Date: Monday, May 9, 2005

Running Time: 5:10

Page Title: Don't...kill...bugs.

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2



{The Telebision displays a test pattern, with the text "This cartoon is called:". A static blip replaces the text with "Bug in Mouth Disease".}

{In the basement, Strong Sad is watching TV.}

VOICE: {from TV} And that's why come Shakespeare was so awesome.

STRONG SAD: Oh! I see now.

{Strong Bad enters.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, Dairy Queen.

STRONG SAD: I already told you, I don't want to be called that any more! I made a mistake!

STRONG BAD: Oh; sorry, Dairy Queen. Anyways, look. I just thought you should know that all your underwears somehow ended up individually priced and labeled in an online auction.

STRONG SAD: {gets up, runs out of the room} Nobody buy the blue ones!

STRONG BAD: That was too easy. Now to settle down for the 24-hour Caleb Rentpayer marathon! {changes channel}

TUXWORTH: Caleb, were you making a little tent out of my jacket?

CALEB: I am now!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, you make that little tent, Caleb! He's not the boss of you!

{Cut to the field. Homestar is running along. Cue music beat.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing approximately to the tune of the Homestar Runner Theme Song} Hooomestaaar is running. Along. {drifting out of time with the music} Hooomestaaa—

{A record scratches as he suddenly stops and starts coughing/spitting profusely.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Agh! I swallowed a bug! Bug swallow! Bug swallow! What do I do? What do I do? {composes himself} Okay, okay, calm down. Calm... down. Remember health class. A-hem.

{Homestar goes down on one knee.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {slowly and deliberately} Sir or madam, are you all right? Do you need medical resistance? {anguished} Oh, it's not working! The good times are over! {runs off}

{The music starts up again and cut to another part of the field, where the King of Town and Pom Pom are eating ice cream bars.}

THE KING OF TOWN: I keep telling him the sun don't rise and set on that pile of whatsit, but he don't want to listen!

{Homestar runs in.}

POM POM: {bubbling noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Pom Pom! Santa! I think I swallowed a bug!

{He kneels down in front of the King of Town.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: The good times are over! You gotta help me out! I could die!

THE KING OF TOWN: Well, what do you want we should do?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Gimme them dang ice creams! {grabs the ice cream bars} We'll freeze 'im out! {quickly eats them}

THE KING OF TOWN: Doo! That stuff's prescription!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {sobs} Oh-ho-ho, it deliciously didn't work!

{While saying this, he pokes Pom Pom with the one of the leftover sticks. Pom Pom narrows his eyes at Homestar, annoyed.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Agh! {runs off}

{Cut to the basement, where Strong Bad is still watching TV.}

CALEB: You throw like a girl, Tuxworth.

TUXWORTH: Caleb, that suitcase was heavy!

{Strong Sad enters.}

STRONG SAD: What online auction? I can't find anything. I even did an image search for "the blue ones" and got nothing. Or... nothing pleasant, anyway.

STRONG BAD: Well, keep searching. Try putting stuff in quotes or something. Or use "and" and "or". Oh, yeah, "and" go away.

STRONG SAD: {smiles} Oh, Boolean operators! "Blue and ones"! Good idea! {walks off}

{Cut to Bubs' concession stand. Bubs is burning an envelope labeled "EXHIBIT A" with a lighter.}

BUBS: This is just fine!

{Homestar runs in. Bubs drops the lighter and throws away the envelope.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Bubs, you're a doctor, right? I think a bug flew into the side of my mouth. I'm afraid the good times are over!

BUBS: A doctor, eh? I think I might be one of those. Let me take a look. {examines a wad of his business cards} Whadda we got here? Bail bondsman, paranormal investigator, normal investigator... Oh, here we go! "Dr." Bubs! Let's take a look atcha.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Aaaaah. {opens mouth}

BUBS: Hmm… {peers inside} Okay...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {gurgles "Okay..."}

BUBS: Yes, yes.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {gurgles "Yes, yes."}

BUBS: Interesting.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {gurgles "Is it good?"}

BUBS: I've got terrible, terrible news, Homestar.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, no! Is it about the good times?

BUBS: I'm afraid you've got no pancreas.

{Homestar looks annoyed}

BUBS: But I do happen to have a fresh one for sale right here!

{Bubs picks up a cooler (brand named 'coola') labeled "EXHIBIT B" and places it on the counter}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Bubs, are you an unethical quack?

BUBS: The most quackinest!

{Homestar looks surprised.}

{Cut to the basement, where Strong Bad is watching TV with a fork in his hand and a skillet in his lap.}

STRONG BAD: {imitating Tuxworth} Strong Caleb, did you make the best omelette ever during the commercial break? {imitating Caleb} I sure did.

{Homestar runs in.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad! I think I—

STRONG BAD: {silencing him} Ah-ah-ah! Not today, McDorkle.

{Homestar leaves and then jumps in from the other side.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad! I think a bug might have—

STRONG BAD: Can't you see Grandma's watching her stories?

{Homestar leaves.}

TUXWORTH: Why aren't you breathing, Caleb?

{Homestar pops up from behind the couch.}


{Without missing a beat, continuing to watch, Strong Bad hits him in the face with his skillet.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ugh. {falls down}

ANNOUNCER: And coming up next on Caleb Rentpayer, find out who shot Caleb.

STRONG BAD: "Who shot Caleb?" Oh, there's no way I'm missing that one. No way.

{Fade to black. Some time later, Homestar emerges from behind the couch. The couch is empty.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {yawns and smacks his lips} That was a great skillet-nap! Thanks, Strong Bad. Strong Bad?

{Cut to the TV, where Strong Bad has duct-taped himself to the screen.}

STRONG BAD: {somewhat muffled} Can't... miss... any of... the action!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, the good times are over! I swallowed your computer!

STRONG BAD: You what?! {tears his head from the TV}

{TV music stops.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I mean a small bug. I swallowed a small bug.

STRONG BAD: {dejected} Aw. Now my head's not taped to the TV.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, I really need your help.

STRONG BAD: And I really need to find out who shot Caleb Rentpayer!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, that's easy. I did.

STRONG BAD: You-ka— w-wha?

TUXWORTH: Homestar Runner... {Homestar smiles} ...did you shoot Caleb?

{Homestar appears on the TV, wearing the sunglasses he wore in the bet.}


STRONG BAD: You traitor! You shot my favorite TV show! {throws the remote at Homestar's face}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hiccup. {the bug flies out of his mouth} Hey, look at that! A little guy. A bug did fly in my mouth!

STRONG BAD: Ugh... the good times are definitely over.

{Strong Sad runs in, wearing a blue pair of boxer shorts. Strong Bad opens his mouth in surprise. Homestar looks over, but doesn't look a bit suprised.}

STRONG SAD: The world is saved! I found the blue ooooones!

{The bug flies across the screen as the toon ends}

Fun Facts


  • A Boolean operator is a logical conjunction describing the relationship between two assertions ('and' and 'or' being primary examples). Some search engines accept them.
  • Using quotes refers to putting a multi-word search term inside of quotation marks. Most search engines will respond by searching for the enclosed phrase as a whole instead of the individual words.
  • The pancreas is a large lobulated organ that secretes digestive enzymes and the hormones insulin and glucagon.
  • A bail bondsman is a person who posts bail in exchange for a fee, usually 10 percent of the total bail.
  • A "quack" is an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment.
  • The title of the toon is based on foot-and-mouth disease, a disease that affects cattle.
  • When Strong Sad says, "I even did an image search..." he is referring to web sites (such as Google Image Search) which feature search engines that allow searching for pictures instead of web pages.
  • The colors on the TV at the beginning of the toon are based on the SMPTE color bars, a test pattern commonly used by television broadcast stations when nothing is on the air.


Bail Bondsman,

pager: 555-7896
beeper: 555-3421


    "Not Associated with
Bubs: Paranaormal Investigator!!"
        "Dr." Bubs

VCR Repair/Fashion Consultant
  • Bubs's email address here is bubs@bubs.bubs, but it was bubs@homestarrunner.com in unused emails.
  • "The good times are over!" has been Quote of the Week twice, though the second time was for only one day.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "The good times might be over as Homestar suffers from bug-swallow while Strong Bad catches up on his Caleb Rentpayer stories. Original publish date: May 9, 2005".


  • Strong Sad has underwear even though he said he "doesn't really wear clothes" in his blog.
  • The telephone numbers on Bubs's business cards have the prefix 555, which is commonly used for fictional numbers in North American movies and television.
  • If the cartoon is played frame-by-frame, it shows that no bug or fly ever enters Homestar's mouth.
  • Strong Bad claims to have placed Strong Sad's underwear in an online auction despite the fact that most major online auction sites prohibit selling used underwear. An example is the eBay® used clothing policy.
  • Part of the Caleb Rentpayer episode (where Caleb says that Tuxworth "throws like a girl") breaks the show's usual format. Whereas a standard episode would usually have Tuxworth asking Caleb if he did/ate/took something and Caleb defiantly stating "I sure am/did", this portion has Caleb speak first. Of course, he's still mean and insulting to Tuxworth.
  • This is the first Big Toon since The Reddest Radish not to include opening credits.
  • When Homestar turns around remembering health class, the shadow of the bushes changes.


  • When Strong Bad sits on the couch in the first scene, his left eye is slightly mispositioned.
  • When Strong Sad turns around in front of the couch after talking about Boolean operators, his leg appears behind the remote that is on the couch.
  • Bubs's "Normal Investigator" card misspells "paranormal" as "paranaormal".
  • When Strong Bad is duct taped to the TV, there are five pieces of tape. After he turns around, there are only four.
  • In the frame in which Strong Bad's head is turned to the right while looking backwards at Homestar, the grey section is visible on both ends of the tape, but the silver, sticky side is the one which should be showing on the end between Strong Bad's head and the TV.

Inside References

  • Strong Sad is watching a show about Shakespeare.
  • Bubs provided VCR repair in the email 12:00.
  • The scene featuring Homestar running over darkened hills is similar to Old Intro 2.
  • "The most quackinest" may be a reference to Pom Pom's character video, the page title of which is "The Most Mackinest".
  • Caleb Rentpayer first appeared in secret recipes. This is the first time the show and Tuxworth have been named.
  • Homestar uses the same sunglasses in the email the bet.
  • The phrase "why come" was first used in the Yearbook Character Page, where the description for Bubs reads "That's why come he's so fat."
  • Strong Bad comments that he made the best omelette ever.
  • Strong Bad saying "can't you see Grandma's watching her stories?" is an example of Gender Confusion.
  • Homestar saying "hiccup" instead of actually hiccuping is another example of Fake Sound Effects.

Real-World References

  • The page title "Don't...kill...bugs." is a reference to the Bob & Doug McKenzie "Elron McKenzie" sketch, where Doug plays a preacher giving a sermon on the importance of not killing bugs.
  • The "Who shot Caleb?" episode is a reference to the often-parodied shooting of J.R. Ewing on Dallas.
  • Homestar overreacting over swallowing a bug is similar to a Seinfeld episode, in which George did the same thing.
The screen for "Who Shot Caleb?", with video games labeled.
  • When Strong Bad removes his head from the TV, on the left side of the screen a Super Nintendo is visible, which was a popular video game system in the early and mid-1990s. If Strong Bad is removed via Flash decompiler, a black GameCube is also visible. Some Nintendo 64 game cartridges can also be seen.
    • An Atari 2600 can be made out on the right side as well as an NES 2 above the Super Nintendo. In the shadow underneath (and slightly to the left of) the Nintendo 64 cartridges may be the system itself.
    • The NES cartridge in the NES 2 is Kirby's Adventure.
  • Dairy Queen is a restaurant chain centered around soft-serve ice cream and fast food.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman)

MATT: I'm going to try extra hard to use good diction and proper grammar during this commentary, Mike Chapman.

MIKE: You're off to a very good start, brother Matt.

MATT: Thank you.

MIKE: That guy on the TV didn't have good grammar now, did he?

MATT: No. {word is obscured by his laughing} Hey, this sort of relates to later on when we referred to Strong Sad's soft-serve flip. Do you think that's why he wanted to be called "Dairy Queen" temporarily?

MIKE: Oh, yeah! {chuckling} Maybe, maybe! His head looks like a...

MATT: Dairy Queen ice cream cone, yeah!

MIKE: Umm...

MATT: {singing} In the land of Dairy Queen,

BOTH: {singing} we treat you right!

MATT: Remember those commercials that used to have the land of Dairy Queen in them? It was like a chocolate...

MIKE: {interrupting} Yeah, a chocolate river with, like, a fudge canyon? {pause} So Caleb Rentpayer is a very good show!

MATT: I think so! I would like to see a full episode of Caleb Rentpayer and Tuxworth, his butler. So, did— Caleb somehow come into a lot of money, and that's why he suddenly has this butler?

MIKE: Maybe. You know what I'm just now thinking; I recently saw the movie Arthur again for the first time in twenty years, and it's sort of similar. Arthur is just kind of this, you know...

MATT: Vagabond?

MIKE: Well he's got all this money, but he's not, you know, he's got a butler, but he's not very nice to him—


MIKE: And um... sort of, he's not quite as... disrespectful to his butler as— as Caleb— as Caleb is, {Matt laughs} but the but— the butler's always kind of trying to cover his tracks—

MATT: Oh, okay.

MIKE: ...and, anyway...

MATT: Poor Tuxworth.

MIKE: Yeah. {laughs}


MATT: Is that the only time that Homestar refers to the King of Town as... Santa Claus? Doesn't he call him Father Christmas, maybe, another time?

MIKE: Uhhm...

MATT: Or did we just discuss doing one or the other of those when we made this cartoon?

MIKE: Yeah, I think— I don't know; I think that's the only time, Matt.

MATT: I think it was a toss-up between Father Christmas and Santa.


MATT: Aww. Yeah, Caleb, I'd like to see you throw that suitcase!


MATT: I remember taking a class on HTML in college and they— they talked all about Boolean operators and how to search for things on the Internet using Infoseek or AltaVista.

MIKE: {laughs} AltaVista! HotBot?

MATT: {laughs}

MIKE: I remember—

MATT: Blue AND ones, NOT red AND ones! I think you could do "not", as well, couldn't you? {laughs} "This is just fine", Mike!

MIKE: {laughs}

MATT: It's the— we all know that Bubs, you know, just wants to rip you off and take your money but this is the first sort of criminal, uh, element that we've seen, or criminal...

MIKE: I think we... I think there's a misspelling somewhere.

MATT: Is there? Consul-tant?

MIKE: Nah, I think we missed it. The wiki told me. {laughs} Maybe we corrected it already.

MATT: {imitating Homestar's line} You got it?

BOTH: {laugh}

MATT: That's some good mumbles! I remem— I record— I usually try, if the character is doing something like that, like talking with his mouth open, then I try to do the lines with my mouth open, obviously, and there's other times where Strong Bad's like— Ooh! Later on in this cartoon! When he's got his face up against the TV...

MIKE: Right.

MATT: He's duct-taped his head to the TV, where I, like, mashed my face into a book, I think, and then miked it so I'd be like, "woarh, woarh!", trying to make it as authentic as possible. Want to experience what the characters are experiencing.

MIKE: We call that, umm... character acting?

MATT: Method acting?

MIKE: Method acting!


MATT: {responding to Strong Bad's "Can't you see grandma's watching her stories?"} Uhh, she is.


MATT: Things get serious in this episode of Caleb Rentpayer. Who shot Caleb, Mike?

MIKE: I think I know.

MATT: Yeah. {pause} Remember that— there was some game you played on your fingers about who shot J.R.? Like it was this thing that was like, "Who shot J.R.?" and then you, like, made your pinky go away. Then you said, "Who shot J.R.?" and then your ring finger went away. And then it ended up making a gun, and— and you said, "It was me!" {makes a sound of a shot} I remember, uh... Brandon, that lived in the cul-de-sac behind ours doing that. To me.

MIKE: Sounds hilarious!

MATT: It was great! And he had a dog named Dude.

MIKE: {laughing} He did. And I thought it was "dood" as in, "doody".

MATT: I dooed. I just dooed in the toilet.

MIKE: I always thought the dog's name was a bad— kind of a bad word.


MIKE: Yeah.


MATT: {seeing Homestar on the TV} Look, that's our office!

MIKE: Uh-huh.


MATT: I like the little dotted line that trails from that little guy.

MIKE: Lemme guess, you made it.


MIKE: You did that.

MATT: I thought you did.

MIKE: Nah, I think you did.

MATT: Oh. I'll quit complimenting the things that I made.

MIKE: {laughs} I don't like the way the blue ones look and I know I made those very late in the game, and just wanted the cartoon to be done.

MATT: It's okay. Bye, everybody!

MIKE: Bye, Matt!

Fun Facts

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