Bubs Evolution

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Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early Bubs Sketches  ??? Museum Sketchbook, flashback(top left), origins(top left) N/A
File:hsbubs.JPG Earliest Bubs 1999 Where My Hat is At?, Marshmallow's Last Stand N/A
Early Toon Bubs 1999 Old Characters Page, Character Cards More colourful, less sketchy, blue pupil in his bigger eye.
Early-ish Bubs 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest, Dancin' Bubs Darker colors, shading on body gone, more refined, armtips less pointed, head smoother and rounder.
Transitionary Bubs 2000 The Luau, Theme Song Video, Yearbook Character Page, Homestarloween Party Smaller head, coloured outline.
Current Bubs 2001 The Best Decemberween Ever to current. More shading, softer colors, smaller eye now has a gleam/light reflection.
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