Bubs' Concession Stand

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Bubs' Concession Stand

Bubs' Concession Stand is where Bubs works. It is the place in Free Country, USA to get anything and everything. It sells hot dogs, chili dogs, slaw dogs, ketchup dogs, mustard dogs, drinks, drinks, drinks, candy, snow cones, old pizza, broken computers and all types o' crazy crap. (If that's not crappy enough!)

Bubs' concession stand sign has a 5 instead of an s in "conces5ion". In it's first ever appearance in Where My Hat is At?, it was labeled "CANDY". In A Jumping Jack Contest, The Best Decemberween Ever, and Where's the Cheat?, it was labeled "Concessions by Bubs". In lunch special, it had a banner reading "Super Chinese Fish Buffalo Rice - Smoothies Too!"

It was flooded at one point by Strong Bad in lunch special.

The Stand has a never-before-seen basement, as revealed by Bubs climbing some stairs in Broken Compy Menu.

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