Broternal Order of Different Helmets

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Brother of Town and Supreme Overlord Brotherstar Runnerbrother demonstrating the secret handshake.

The Broternal Order of Different Helmets (BODH) is a secret society headed by Homestar Runner, the "Supreme Overlord", though Strong Bad attempts to gain control of the group at least once a week. Each of the members wears a different helmet, and the organization holds meetings in The Bar. Bubs, as the treasurer, invents new ways to misappropriate funds. Their activities open with their frothy, shanty chant, Ever and More, and also include a secret handshake. The exact movements of this handshake are unknown, as it is demonstrated by Homestar and the King of Town, both of whom lack visible arms; however, it may not require arms at all as evidenced later on by Strong Bad and The Cheat. The Order is run by majority rule.


Fun Facts

  • Strong Sad wore the same helmet in senior prom, where he wore a spacesuit to the "Entrapment All Up On The Moon" dance.
  • Homestar Runner sang the official chant of the Order in the movies, while wearing his helmet.
  • The King of Town's Pickelhaube is very similar to the helmet of The Kaiser, the King of Town's Old-Timey counterpart.
  • A helmet similar to The King of Town's is worn by Homsar in Baddest of the Bands.
  • Apart from Marzipan (who is likely excluded because of her gender), Homsar seems to be the only main character not in the society (although he does appear on the minutes that were rolled over to third world countries).
  • Strong Bad wore the miner helmet in Sketchbook (video), different town and cheatday.
  • The Order may be a reference to Freemasonry.


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