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'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' [[Homestar Runner]], [[Bubs]]
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' [[Homestar Runner]], [[Bubs]]
'''Date:''' November 22, 2004
== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==

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Homestar, did you come here for a reason?

Strong Bad Email?

Homestar Runner complains about pricing while Bubs tries to unload the shotgunned Compy 386. The menu was created after the Compy 386 died.

Note: This short was no longer available as of November 29, 2004.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Bubs

Date: November 22, 2004



{The shot opens with the shotgunned Compy 386 with a piece of paper taped to the front of it listing all of the current Strong Bad emails. After about 10 seconds, Homestar Runner starts talking}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {offscreen} You want how much?! That's preposterous! What kinda shady Bubs business you running here anyways? A Bubsness? {camera zooms out so we can see Homestar and the rest of the concession stand, with Bubs nowhere in sight} Why, I've got half a mind to report you, mister!

{Bubs appears from the back of the concession stand}

BUBS: Doot doot doo... alright, I'm back!


BUBS: Who were you just talkin' to?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um, nobody? Everybody? Strong... Mad?

BUBS: Strong Mad was up here? Where'd he go?

{camera angle changes so that the camera is inside the concession stand looking outward}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Bubsy, I'm not gonna lie to you. He flew away.

BUBS: Homestar, {camera changes back to exterior view of the concession stand} did you come up here for a reason?


BUBS: What?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Liberty! I mean, savings? Milk! Eggs! A low-priced automobile!

BUBS: Well, why didn't you say so? I've got one right here! {Bubs gestures toward the shotgunned Compy} Just in! Fresh from the factory goodness!

{camera changes back to the interior view of the concession stand. Homestar performs several double takes}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Bubs, are you trying to sell me a lemon?

BUBS: Homestar, I'm not gonna lie to you.

{camera changes back to exterior view of the concession stand}

BUBS: You're not gonna find a better deal.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Sold! Sold! {deeper voice} Sold!

{The camera cuts back to the menu taped on the broken Compy 386}

Fun Facts

  • If you let the animation start, the menu has a bug that causes the emails to count up from 0 instead of 1, so clicking on a title will direct you to the email one previous to it. This also means some kinda robot directed to 'sbemail0.html' and virus could only be accessed from the menu by clicking the very top of the word virus. Also, flashback takes you to 'emailahundred.html' instead of 'sbemailahundred.html', whether or not you let the animation play.
  • Similarly, after the animation plays, "car" links to sbemail100.html, "Not the 100th Email!!!"
  • This toon replaced the Compy 386 email menu after its destruction in "virus", and doubled as the replacement email menu.
  • This toon also has a different filename than the usual Strong Bad email menu, so instead of being "sbemail.swf," it was "sbemail_shotgunned.swf"
    • This might be so it can still be accessed when the menu is replaced.
  • When the Tandy 400 exploded, Broken Tandy Menu similarly replaced the usual email menu.
  • The Compy 386 is missing the contrast dial.
  • The line, "I'm not gonna lie to you," spoken by both Homestar and Bubs, was also spoken by Homsar in for kids.
  • The font used for the email names does not include an underscore ('_') character, so 'sb_email 22' appears with a square instead of an underscore.

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