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"...bread is a good time for everybody."

Bread, in its many varieties, seems to be a highly popular commodity in Free Country, USA and is a favorite of Homestar Runner in particular. Some of Homestar's involvement with bread occurs in particularly unusual contexts, notably his decision to hold "Bread Sing-Alongs". Also unusual are some similes he has made involving bread, such as his statement that he and Pom Pom are like "two breads and a biscuit" and that he felt "as fresh as a bagel". At Flashforward Seattle 2006, Mike Chapman demonstrated drawing in Flash by spending 10 minutes drawing a piece of toast.


Moldy bread

  • Fortune Cookies — One of the fortunes reads "Why not try some moldy bread. You might not vomit."
  • Thy Dungeonman II — You have to keep eating moldy bread to keep the plague from killing you.
  • Email do over — Homestar offers his version of "The Cheatcakes", which is actually a paper bag labeled "Moldy Bread, Guys".

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