Blatant Lies

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"On Saturday I certainly don't wake up at 6 A.M., put on a Speedo, and go to swim practice."

More often than not in the Homestar Runner universe, the characters try to persuade others that something is either true or untrue, when in fact the opposite is extremely obvious.


  • sugarbob - Strong Bad types in different colors and fonts to try to convince the emailer that he is taken by several girlfriends.
  • Email other daysStrong Bad tries to convince the viewer that on Saturdays, he does not go to swim practice, and instead takes battle axe lessons. In an Easter egg, Strong Sad is seen telling Strong Bad that they are late for swim practice.
  • Email lures & jigs — Strong Bad accidentally admits to knot knowing anything about the ladies. He then hurriedly tries to rectify his slip-up before running off.
  • Email couch patch — Strong Bad claims that he attempted to hide his Aztec gold in the couch.
  • Email extra plug — Strong Bad says that the hot girl that he will be dancing with will be The Cheat, before catching himself and stating that it will be an actual hot girl.
  • Email crying — Strong Bad begins to sniffle over Li'l Brudder, and runs off claiming that he just has "a food" in the oven.
  • Email stunt double — Strong Bad says that he doesn's use a stunt double. When Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque 1 is then shown, it is obvious that Strong Sad is Strong Bad's stunt double.
  • Email strong badathlon — Strong Bad claims that his strongest event in the Strong Badathlon is "Probably Something with Guitars, lasers, Robots, and Hot Girls". This event is only shown in Powered by The Cheat form, obviously suggesting that the event did not actually take place.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 — After being caught making out with a drawing of The Ugly One, Strong Bad hurriedly stuffs the drawing into his mouth and claims that is a piece of pizza.
  • Halloween Awards Show — Strong Bad claims to have a super-hot girlfriend who recently got sucked into a wormhole.
  • Email secret identity — Strong Bad says that his secret identity is The Poopsmith, only to be disproven when The Poopsmith himself walks in.
  • Email senior prom — Strong Bad claims that he got a message on his answering machine from "Delilelia". It is shown that it is just he who is providing the voice on the "answering machine" which is just a clock radio.
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