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This just in from Corporate: Thursday is the new Friday.

Homestar creates more trouble for Strong Bad. The shareholders are not amused.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet Homestar Runner, Shareholders

Places: The Office

Date: July 1, 2005

Running Time: 2:00



{Close-up of a water cooler. The title words, "Biz Cas Fri" appear. Air bubbles rise into the cooler. Cut to Strong Bad standing at his office computer in his cubicle. Strong Bad is wearing a striped casual polo shirt. The computer monitor is covered in yellow sticky notes.}

STRONG BAD: Wow! This is gonna be great! This is like my most productive day ever, and it's not even lunch yet!

{Homestar Runner swoops in, sounding dazed, wearing a solid-brown casual polo shirt, eyes turned horizontally, and a piece of garland on his hat.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {possibly hung-over} Rondo, it's official. This just in from corporate.

STRONG BAD: Whoa, what is it?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thursday is the new Friday. Man, I don't even want to remember what went on last night.

STRONG BAD: Apparently you didn't wanna remember to take a shower, either! You smell like wet tech support, with onions!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks man! Hey! I need you to cover for me. I'm supposed to present the third-quarter earnings to the shareholders in five minutes, but I really need to take a nap under your desk, here, so—

STRONG BAD: No way! I'm in the middle of something big here! I'm going to save this company millions!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks man, I owe you one. {collapses}

{Cut to Strong Bad in front a whiteboard with a pie graph on it. Strong Bad is standing behind a desk in front of an audience.}

STRONG BAD: Um... yes! Thank you, gentlemen. So... uh... how's everyone feeling out there? {crickets chirp} {Strong Bad leans to his right} Lemme get all my shareholders on this side of the table to say "HEY!". {leans to his left} And all my shareholders on this side of the table to say "OHHH!".

{One of the shareholders clears his throat.}

STRONG BAD: So, lemme tell you about this Post-it note. Listen tightly. This thing's going to save the company millions!

SHAREHOLDER: What about the earnings?

STRONG BAD: Ooh, yes. Earnings. Uh... can I have the country of origin, please?


STRONG BAD: Err... can you use it in a sentence?

SHAREHOLDER: Where are the earnings?

STRONG BAD: Yes. Earnings. {Letters appear on screen as he says them.} E-A-R-N— {gets hit by a shoe, falls over} Ow!

SHAREHOLDER: Is this the kind of man we hire these days? He's a total liability!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {appears to the right of the shareholder} Yeah, liability! {Letters appear on screen as he says them.} L-I-A-B-I— {gets hit by a shoe}


Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the shoe that hit Homestar to see more of the Post-its.


{Strong Bad is in his cubicle again, with Post-it notes stuck to everything}

STRONG BAD: {hysterical} Millions, I tell ya! Millions! Ohh, I'll save the company millions! I'll save bunches of money! {As he says this last sentence, he falls slowly to the ground, then a Post-it note falls off the wall.}

Fun Facts


  • Shareholders are people that own shares of stock in a company. A company's responsibility is to benefit its shareholders, and any profit is divided amongst the shareholders.


  • In a similar fashion to Biz Cas Fri 1, this puppet short was released on a Friday, even after a significant update was released on the preceding Monday.
  • Homestar's sideways eyes were first seen publicly in the Alamo Drafthouse appearance. The earliest known filming of his sideways eyes is seen in Puppets & Little Girl Outtakes.
  • If you look closely enough, you can see Strong Bad in his "Check me out" pose, on a certificate in the main view of the meeting room.


  • The Post-it note on Strong Bad's cubicle wall reads, "BOB!"

Inside References

  • The sound effect used for the dazed Homestar was originally used in car, when Homestar was punched out by Strong Bad.
  • On the upper part of the screen, you can clearly see the "Remember the 'Tivities" motivational poster from no loafing.
  • The name Homestar calls Strong Bad "Rondo" is an abreviation of Rondleman, the name he calls him in Biz Cas Fri 1.
  • Strong Bad's obsession with Post-its was first introduced in Strong Sad's Lament.

Real-World References

  • Strong Bad's asking for a word's country of origin and for it to be used in a sentence and the way Homestar and Strong Bad begin spelling "earnings" and "liability" are in the style of a spelling bee.

Fast Forward

  • Strong Bad negatively describes Homestar as smelling like "wet tech support". In Biz Cas Fri 3, The Cheat is revealed to be the company's tech support guy. In the Strong Bad Email bottom 10, Strong Bad says that he dislikes the smell of "wet The Cheat". Could The Cheat be "tech support" around the office?

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