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How many pegs you got? Mag wheels? White tires?

Many bikes have appeared in Free Country USA. While it is a wholesome mode of transportation, they are more often seen carried and stood beside than actually ridden.


  • Email vacation — There is a bicycle attached to a house depicted on the postcard for Downtown Pantsburg. Strong Bad claimed the bike was welded to the house. In an Easter egg, Strong Bad tries to steal the bike, but finds his feet too short to reach the pedals.
  • Experimental Film — The Tentacle Skull is shown riding a pennyfarthing bicycle.
  • Email kids' book — A child named Frankie is riding a bike. Strong Bad defaces the page to show Frankie about to be run over by a truck.
  • Email myths and legends — The ancient Strong Badian fence drawings include family bike-rides.
  • Email retirement — The first prize in the My Lappy Got Stole sweepstakes is a bicycle.
  • Email from workPom Pom is carrying a bicycle which says "The Big Cheese".
  • The Baloneyman — Homestar's "summer talk" is about kids getting hurt on bikes.
  • Email bike thief — This email describes strategies on how Strong Bad would steal a bicycle, specifically, Homestar's.

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