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[[Image:StrongBadAsHomestar.png|thumb|"This is the best costume ever!"]]
[[Image:StrongBadAsHomestar.png|thumb|"This is the best costume ever!"]]
The [[characters]] of the [[Homestar Runner universe]] have been known to declare things the '''best/worst X ever'''.
The [[characters]] of the [[Homestar Runner universe]] have been known to declare things the '''best/worst X ever'''.

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"This is the best costume ever!"

The characters of the Homestar Runner universe have been known to declare things the best/worst X ever.

Best X Ever

  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar, at the same time as Strong Bad's exclamation (see also below), is heard saying, "This is the best Decemberween ever!"
  • Pumpkin Carvenival — Strong Bad calls his Homestar Runner costume "the best costume ever".
  • Weclome Back — After failing to sell any baloney sandwiches over the summer, Bubs still felt "it was pretty much [his] best summer ever".
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — Strong Bad says that, during a commercial break, he made "the best omelette ever".
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — In Level 6, before reaching the boss, Stinkoman says, "This is the best vacation ever!"
  • The Cheat Theme Song — After watching the video for The Cheat's Theme Song, Homestar exclaims, "This is the best video game I've ever played!"
  • Email best thing — After Limozeen's instruments are turned into Italian noodles by Bozar, Mary Palaroncini (as he is eating the noodles) says, "This is the best show ever, guys!"
  • Email licensed — Homestar, referring to the fact that he just got hit by a shower of broken glass from a piñata, says, "That junk was still my best birthdays ever."

Worst X Ever

  • The Best Decemberween EverHomestar Runner upsets Strong Bad by getting him the Deep Impact DVD for the third year in a row, to the point where Strong Bad exclaims, "This is the worst Decemberween ever!" (see also above)
  • Experimental Film — During the director's commentary, Strong Sad, perturbed by Strong Bad and Homestar Runner, says, "Ahhh, this is the worst commentary ever!" Homestar agrees by saying, "Worst... commissary... ever."
  • Email island — Strong Bad calls the deserted island (upon which he and Homestar are stranded) the "worst deserted island ever".
  • Email secret identity — As The King of Town is being booted out of Strong Bad's house, he yells, "Worst mayonnaise party everrrr!"
  • Email road trip — Because Strong Bad ends up stuck in a car rather than going on a road trip, he shouts, "This is the worst road trip ever!"

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