Bear Holding a Shark

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Bear holding shark.

The Bear-Shark is a cardboard cut-out of a bear holding a shark, lurking behind the fence of Strong Badia. It is Strong Badia's "security countermethod", as Strong Bad puts it. It scares The Cheat often, as when The Cheat touches the Tire, not only does he get an electric shock, but the Bear-Shark pops up. For reasons that are never really looked into, The Cheat seems to have a phobia of bears holding sharks. The Bear-Shark also plays the part of "headhunters" on Strong Bad's Riverquest Safariventure. It is scared off by firing a starting pistol in its general direction twice.It also had a docementary documented about it.Apparentely, homestar and his "dog" pom-pom were walking in the woods when they saw the "monsterman". Strong sad did not beilieve these myths & legends very much.


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