Baddest of the Bands Teen Girl Squad Meets Limozeen

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"Tallen' up those bangs, galpals. We're sneaking into a Limozeen concert!"

In Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People's last Teen Girl Squad issue, Strong Bad defaces a Limozeen coloring book to let the girls hang out with the band.

Cast: Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Limozeen



{The four girls are seen in front of the Limozeen Tour Bus. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Limozeen's tour bus driver always backs right up to the loading dock to make things easier on the roadies!"}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad meets Limozeen!

CHEERLEADER: Tallen' up those bangs, galpals. We're sneaking into a Limozeen concert!

WHAT'S HER FACE: I wanna crowdsurf!

THE UGLY ONE: I want to have my elbow signed backstage!

SO AND SO: I wanna sing back-up!

ROADIE: Backup? Hmmm.... Okay.

{The Roadie backs up the tour bus, crushing So and So}


SO AND SO: It's always the same!!!

{Cheelearder and The Ugly One are seen next to Gary and Larry. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Gary and Larry rage on stage"}

LARRY: Lyrics about partyin' with chicks in Los Angeles! LYRICS!!

THE UGLY ONE: Such a wordsmith! Did you major in English Lit?

LARRY: You're not hot enough to be talking to me!

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {Larry breathes fire on the Ugly One, causing her to burn to ashes} ENGLISH LIT!

CHEERLEADER: 'Scuse me Gair-Gair. Wanna give me a tour of your tattoos?

GARY: Sorry, un-unskinny bop. When my shirt's off that means...

{Cut to Gary playing a solo with both of his hands and one of his feet, and Cheerleader is covering her ears. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Tappity, tappity, tappers."}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: TWO-HANDED AND ONE FOOT TAPPING SOLO! Meedly-meedly-meedly-meedly squeedly-squeedly-squeedly-squeedly meedly-meedly-meedly-meedly {Cheerleader breaks into pieces} SQUAW!

CHEERLEADER: His solos are his trademark!

{Cut to a scene of What's Her Face standing next to Gary and Perry. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Back-to-back rocking is a staple of Limozeen's live shows."}

PERRY: Say there little missy, you're never gonna date a rock star with baggy jeans like that.

WHAT'S HER FACE: Um, gross. You're older than both my dads. Can I get off scott-free since I don't even like this kind of music?

{Cuts to a scene of Perry kicking What's Her Face. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Special pants allow Perry to do high leg kicks without denim rippage."}

PERRY: Then why don't you just go listen to some college music in an abandoned warehouse or something!


{Cuts to a scene of What's Her Face flying above a stadium with a helicopter in the air near her. The text at the bottom of the page reads "Limozeen has never actually played in an arena like this, but a coloring book can dream, right?"}

WHAT'S HER FACE: Thanks for the lift!

{What's Her Face hits the blade of the helicopter and is chopped in two}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {Helicopter blade noises, then grinding noises} ARENA ROCKED!!

{Cuts to the "It's Over" screen. The text at the bottom of the page reads "The boys know that posing for photos is all abut doing different stuff with your hands!"}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: It's Oveeerrrrr!!!!

Fun Facts


  • The coloring book is most likely the same one from email coloring.
  • This is the second time the Teen Girl Squad gets colored. The first time was Teen Girl Squad Issue 10.
  • This is the only SBCG4AP Teen Girl Squad not to be manipulated by the player, or include any uses of Ow! My X!.


  • Earlier in the game, the Drive-Thru Whale says that "Backing up may result in severe liver damage", likely foreshadowing So and So's death.

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