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Babies seem to be a common accurence in the homestar runner universe.


  • Email:highschool- Strong Bad describes the citizens of free contry USA as melon headed babies in their middle school years
  • Email: for kids- Strong Bad thinks that the email's sender ment "the littlest, tiniest babies" when he said "kids"
  • Marshmallow's Last Stand- Strong Bad says "Oh, look at the babies! Eating their marshmallows!" when he sees Homestar and Pom Pom
  • Email: bottom 10- The Fluffy Puff Nibblin's commercial states that their product is "perfect for newborn-type babies"
  • More Fan Costumes- Some of the fan's kids are dressed as, as Strong Bad puts it, "Homestar Babies"
  • Email: Myths and Legends- The ancaint fence drawings show "Ruined crops, stonlen babies and family Bike Rides. Or family pie-sitting contests."
  • Email: pop-up- One of the fetures of the Strong Bad pop up book is "wing aling babies"

Email: animal- When Strong Bad is introducing the lappy, he mentions "babies havin' babies"

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