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"Quite possibly the least appetizing name of all time..."

The Aztecs were a civilization in present day Mexico. Strong Bad has referenced this civilization several times while responding to his emails.


  • couch patchStrong Bad mentions that he was going to hide his Aztec gold in the couch, until he realized said gold was just some old oil filters.
  • monument — Strong Bad says that his monument will rival the Aztec's "technochocolate land", a mangled pronunciation of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital city.
  • bottom 10 — Strong Bad says he hates desserts with dangerous names. A picture of a dessert called "Chocozuma's Revenge" appears. While "Chocozuma" refers to the Aztec rulers Moctezuma I and Moctezuma II, the name of the dessert is apparently a reference to Montezuma's Revenge.


  • The Aztecs are often attributed with the discovery of chocolate. Therefore, the names Technochocolateland and Chocozuma are highly appropriate.
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