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"Quite possible the least appetizing name of all time..."

The Aztec were an ancient civilization who lived around Southern Mesoamerica. The Homestar Runner Universe has referenced this civilization many times in Strong Bad Emails.


  • In couch patch, Strong Bad mentions that he was going to hide his Aztec gold in the couch, until he realized he had no Aztec gold.
  • In bottom 10, Strong Bad says he hates desserts with dangerous names. A picture of a dessert called "Chocozuma's Revenge" appears, an obvious reference to Moctezuma II, the ruler of the Aztec Empire until he was overthrown by Hernán Cortés around 1521. It is also, apparently, a reference to [[Wikipedia:Montezuma's Revenge[Montezuma's Revenge]], a slang term referring to traveler's diarrhea.
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