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Summary of the Game

As The Cheat you must ride the tire through an obstacle course in Strong Badia.

  • Collect the buxx.
  • Collect turbos to speed up the tire.
  • Collect power...downs? (little back arrows) if you're going too fast.

You get a nice shiny little trophy for each level you complete. The obstacles are chinese food cartons, Cinderblocks, Cold Ones, and boxes. If you hit them, you lose a life. At the end of each level, there's the sign propped up against the cinderblock. You skid off the sign and add up your points with Strong Mad. You get a trophy and an extra life before you head off to the next one.

Fun Facts

  • It was originally an Easter Egg in the Strong Bad Email Monster Truck, but it is now featured on the games menu. The original version was only one level.
  • It says Awexome Cross "98", but to the right in smaller print it reads 1987.
  • The title screen appearance and music resembles the game "Indianapolis 500".

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